Personal Photo Project of the Week #46 Alpha

I Recommend Pleasant

There is a long and elaborate story about how this rabbit came into my possession. The details that you need to know are that he was homeless so I opened up my home to him.

To slightly elaborate, I borrowed him from Dawn to photograph. While he was in my care all of his siblings died a horrible parasitic death. So he has kind of de facto became mine.

However, he needed a name. I understand that naming a rabbit is kind of like naming a car or a cat or fish or a washing machine. It is a complete waste of time. But since it easier to just say “Name X” rather than explaining why it is a waste of time to name a rabbit I finally settled on the name Foster Q. Bunny.

I gave him the name Foster to remind him that the people that were supposed to love him rejected him. I never want him to forget that. It will burn inside him and propel him to greatness. The Q. part is from John Q. Public. I want him to be a rabbit of the people. The bunny part is fairly self-evident. Bunny is clearly cuter than rabbit and lepus gives me nightmares because of the epic giant rabbit movie Night of the Lepus.

A special thanks to Shannon for acting as the bunny wrangler on this job.

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