Personal Photo Project of the Week #46 Beta

The rest of the I Recommend Pleasant pictures.

I think if you look closely at these pictures, you can see the exact moment where Foster is no long amused.

Something else I am reminded of when I look at these pictures is that I need to invest in another backdrop. I’ve also been considering painting the “studio” area of my basement silver. Mostly because of its light reflective properties and it will look awesome in black and white. I do worry that people will think that I stole the idea from Andy Warhol and I can’t stand Andy Warhol. I can live with it though.

There have been a couple of developments in the world of Foster Q. Bunny.

1. Thanks to Angie, Foster now has an actual cage. Foster was living in a giant rubbermaid container with a screen window on top to prevent escape attempts.
2. My rabbit expert Becky came over and sexed up Foster. Foster is officially a chick rabbit. Good thing Foster is an androgynous name.

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  1. Oh so cute! My favorite is the 12th from the top. But they are all just wonderful. I need to get a pet rat. I love them. I have never had a pet rabbit before. My pet rat that I had when I was at ISU was named Murray. He used to fetch tin foil balls and bring them back to me. RIP Murray. Thus the end of my sort of strange post here. LOL

  2. I absolutely love these – there are so much humor in them. You can tell where Foster is “over” it, however.

    I hope he likes the cage, and that he doesn’t outgrow it too quickly. I’m sorry it was a little bit busted at the base. 🙁

  3. Sheri,

    I used to have a pet rat named Solzhenitsyn. There is a long strange story about that as well, but the point is that he was an awesome pet.

    I recently rid myself of a 20, 29 and 55 gallon fish tank. I briefly considered keeping one aquarium to get back into the rat business, but decided for now, I would just concentrate on what it takes to get a dog.


    He ended up being a she. She doesn’t seem to mind the cage. She was stored in the basement this weekend because I had guests staying with me and I didn’t want her stinking up the place.

    Also one of my guests was bit by a rabbit at Confirmation Camp. While she claims not to be afraid of foster, she has brought that story up twice already.

    She isn’t supposed to get much bigger, so I think this cage will end up being a permanent home for her. I think she does like being able to see outside of the cage.

    Any way, I’ll need to get her some “outside” time here in the near future.


    Glad that you approve. Maybe if I still can’t figure out how to take an iris picture this year, a Foster picture could be your birthday present. I have faith I’ll figure out how to photograph the iris this year.

  4. Remember that you should never bathe a rabbit. They are self cleaners and a bath will most likely give Foster a cold and then you will have a dead rabbit. I am sure someone told you that at some point but wanted to make sure you know… If you find the smell of the cage to be too much, switch to cedar chips. They are great for three reasons: 1- She can chew on them, 2- They have a strong odor and absorb odors and 3- They are easier to clean and cheaper, usually. And thus ends my Rabbit advice section of your blog.

  5. Foster won’t get a bath, but not because I worry about her getting a cold. Foster is going to have to be tough as nails if she is going to be my rabbit.

    That doesn’t mean she might not get more pretend bath photos in the future.

    Although I do appreciate any rabbit advice that you have.

    I’ve been mulling over switching to cedar. I hate the smell of the cedar and the pine, but since I hate both, I’ll probably switch to cedar if it is better for her.

    The easier to clean is also a good selling point. I hate picking up all this pine she knocks on the floor. If the cedar is easier to cleaning she has a punchers chance of staying inside past March.

    I really prefer the crushed corn cob, but it is just way too expensive.

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