Proust No. One

In case you don’t remember, the answers to these questions only reflect my experiences in the year 2010.

Proust Quote:

“Love is a reciprocal torture.”

Confessions Question:

Your favourite colour and flower:

Confidences Question:

My favourite colour.


The flower that I like.

Proust’s Answers:

The beauty is not in the colours, but in their harmony.


Hers/His -and after, all of them.

My 2009 Answer:

Proust Questionnaire Number Three

On this day I don’t have a favorite color. As a child my first favorite color was green.  Then it was blue.  Then it was red.  Then it might have been black. Then I realized having a favorite color was such a silly concept.  All colors have their purpose and favoring one color over another is just madness. As Proust answered, the beauty is not in the colours, but in their harmony. I can’t beat that answer.

I also don’t really have a favorite flower.  I’m partial to the flowers that I grow in my yard.  Marigolds are easy to grow. I take great pride in my patch of moonflowers. I was extremely pleased with my dahlias. My lilies were striking and I hope to create a lily patch behind the garage next year. I was very pleased with my moss rose. I enjoyed by gerber daisies to no end.  I was saddened that my patch of daisies didn’t take off this year, but I have great faith that they will come back with a vengeance in 2011. But I can’t pick a favorite flower.

Like last year, I can pick my favorite flower pictures from 2010:

RWPE #24 Colorful

Inferiority Complex Alternate

Soul Oxygen

RWPE #4 – Plants

The Girl in the Blue Skirt Redux Alternate

The Girl in the Blue Skirt Alternate

The Girl in the Blue Skirt

The Girl in the Blue Skirt Alternate

RWPE #4 Alternate

Well-Shaped Girl

Inferiority Complex

Even Though We Love It

The first person to correctly answer this trivia question (in the comments section of this website) gets to pick the next question of the Proust Questionnaire that I answer.

Trivia Question:

Whenever Christopher D. Bennett goes to a buffet, what does he get to eat with his ice cream?

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  1. I can’t tolerate sugar on top of sugar, so I use the olives to cut the taste of the sugar from the ice cream so I can continue to drink my tasty soda.

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