Slice of Life Vol. 30

It is my habit to not comment on the pictures I post in this project, but I’m going to make a small exception here.

In the first couple of pictures, Carla is sitting on the old abandoned well in the basement of our old house on 415 Greene Street.

I was never allowed to even go near this well because my Mom feared that I would fall in it and be lost to the ages.

The fact that Carla was allowed to sit on this means 1 of 2 things to me:

1. She was the favorite child.
2. She was the expendable child.

I’m not sure what is the correct answer, but I’m fairly certain that my Mom never saw these pictures.

A couple of more observations.

Usually there is always a ton of Alexis in Carla’s childhood pictures, but I’m struck in these pictures how much Johnathan there is.

Don’t be surprised when I steal some of these mirror ideas in the future.