RWPE Y2 #8 – Market

Not many submissions for MARKET. I have to confess that MARKET was one of the themes that was under consideration for termination. In the end we kept it because my MARKET picture from last year might have been my favorite RWPE picture from last year.

Here are this year’s submissions for MARKET:

Mike Vest

Julie Johnson

Christopher D. Bennett

I’ve been down to visit the Random Theme Generator and I asked him for a category that would really spark the creative interest of many, many people. This is what it spat at me:


One of my favorite themes.

A look back at the submissions in 2010:

2010 Silhouette

I hope for many submissions next week as this is one of the easiest artistic themes.

2 thoughts on “RWPE Y2 #8 – Market”

  1. He was certainly more ambitious than me.

    I didn’t even leave my dining room to take my picture.

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