The Archives: Edition Four

These pictures are from backup/Old My Pictures/Backgrounds

My best guess about these pictures is that they were once used as backgrounds 3 or 4 computers ago. Probably my 2nd computer. Nothing remains of my first computer. Embarrassingly, it was an Apple.

I briefly flirted with photographing fruit. Not sure why in retrospect.

Between Upper Cullen Lake and Middle Cullen Lake in Minnesota.

Used to be the only kind of flower I could grow, besides marigolds.

Dragon’s Breath in Haiti, if I remember correctly.

The King* and Elvis in Las Vegas.

Sadly, my Photoshop skills haven’t improved much.

I’ve recently returned to experimenting with double exposures.

Have no recollection of taking this picture, but I must have liked it, I scanned it.

This one of my Dad’s pictures.

Mayan ruins in Tulum.

Thomas the Tank.

Next week’s look at the archives will be: backup/Old My Pictures/Beaver Massacre

I guess that gives me 7 days for coming up with an excuse for why those pictures exist.

*Technically I am a Popcorn Emperor, not a lowly king.