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I’m sure most of you will consider this to be one of the most boring posts you’ve ever read, but since it symbolizes a ton of work from me and even more work from Vest, it shouldn’t be allowed to pass without acknowledgement.

I have (with the considerable aid of Vest) updated and upgraded my two photo galleries. There were three steps involved in this activity.

First, we updated the Coppermime shell from version 1.4.13 to version 1.5.12. This adds quite the improvement in functionality for me, although you probably won’t see much of a change.

Second, I changed the theme from 2BorNot2B to TwentyTen. You will definitely notice that the galleries have a different look to them.

Third, we integrated the galleries into WordPress pages. This should be the most obvious change to the casual viewer. This makes the galleries more consistent with the rest of the website and makes navigation amongst the galleries and the rest of the pages on the website quite a bit simpler. Plus, it looks quite a bit better. If you have bookmarked the old URLs for the galleries, they still function perfectly. However, you will not be able to get to those URLs through the website.

Thanks to these changes, I’m opening picture commentary in the galleries back to “Guests”, meaning you don’t have to be logged in to leave a comment on a picture. Last time I attempted such a thing I was overwhelmed with SPAM, but I’m hoping the considerable security upgrades and the addition of CAPTCHA will create an influx of commentators, but keep out the SPAMMERS.

I’m also in the process of adding new headers to the website. The header should change when you visit a different page, but at this time I only have two headers, so it is definitely a work in progress.

So, go check out the new revamped galleries and leave a comment or two or three…

Artistic Gallery

Snapshots Gallery

I’m also in the exploratory stages of actually getting my online store open. It looks like it will cost me about 150 bucks to get it going. Now I just have to convince myself that I could make that 150 bucks back by opening such a store. Any thoughts?

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  1. I definitely believe that you can and will make back any start up money you put into opening your gallery store you little entrepreneur!

  2. I was fairly tempted not to approve this comment based on the usage of the phrase: “you little entrepreneur”.

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