RWPE Y2 #13 – Fast

Not so many submissions for FAST, but here are the ones that I have:

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

I’ve been down to the Random Theme Generator’s office and asked it to give me a good theme for this week. It handed over the following:


I think this is a good theme for a week where the weather is getting nicer, but the Earth hasn’t sprung fully to life. Although I my rhubarb has started to grow and I have a little bit of life in some of my flower beds.

Here is a look back at last year’s submissions for DRY:

DRY – 2010

Hopefully DRY trips the shutter release finger trigger of quite a few people for next Monday.

2 thoughts on “RWPE Y2 #13 – Fast”

  1. I “built” a pen for Foster to hang out in so she can get some outside time. She definitely has to be monitored while she is in there because she could escape very easily.

    She is in the pen for this picture and then I photoshopped out the fence.

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