Blog No. 1447

Now that I am caught back up, I’d like to step back and take stock of where this journal has went since its inception on August 9, 2006.

Since the last time I looked at these statistics, I have completed changed galleries. I can no longer show you what are the most popular photos in the Artistic and Snapshot galleries. However, I can show you the most popular pictures in the Smugmug Gallery.

Here are the 20 Most Popular:

20. Statue of Liberty

19. Youth Group Mission Trip Group Photo – Kansas City – 2011

18. Evie

17. Drenched in Loneliness

16. Alice

15. Alice

14. Kewer Wedding

13. Young Heroes Banquet

12. Young Heroes Bandquet

11. Girl in the Blue Skirt Beta – 2011

10. Katelyn

9. Maddux

8. Maddux

7. Evie

6. Evie

5. Becky

4. Theories Pass

3. Must Be Truth

2. Turtle Pond Frog

1. Evie

You might be wondering what determines the popularity of a photo. Truth is, I don’t know all the details, but I can tell you what is the dominant factor. To quote the Smugmug website:

You can increase a photo’s popularity by moving your mouse over it and clicking the thumbs-up symbol that appears. You can cast one vote per photo.

You can also rate a photo or gallery with stars when you leave a comment.

There are other factors…like time. Photos from events past will usually be less popular than recent ones.

If you see a picture you like, you should take the 5 seconds to give it the thumbs up and maybe it will make the Top 20 list next time I do this little thing.

I also like to look at the Top Ten People that have been mentioned or photographed in the history of this journal.

10. Dad – 117
9. Carla – 118
8. Sara – 122
7. Willy – 124
6. Jen – 143
5. Teresa – 144
4. Derrick – 157
3. Shannon – 160
2. Jay – 180
1. Jesse – 195

Hope you found this at least moderately interesting. I’ll check back in on these things when I hit journal entry number 1,500.