A Change of Direction

I’ve decided not to replace my el cheapo point and shoot at this time, so this marks the unofficial official end of the Self-Portrait Project.

It just seems that such coin could be better used in another avenue (like a new bike) and I’ve allowed myself to believe that when I upgrade my phone in September it will have a good enough camera and thus eliminate the need for the point & shoot.

Although there is a fairly decent chance I’ll only be able to lie to myself for a month or so and I’ll be buying a new point and shoot in October.

It seems that this project was doomed from the beginning any way.

To replace it on Mondays I am starting a new project.

It is a 365 Day Photo Challenge. That means, simply to take a picture on 365 consecutive days. I am taking two popular 365 Day Photo Challenge lists and combining them into one list.

Next Monday I will post the first 7 pictures based on these themes:

Day 1: Calm
Day 2: A Silly Face
Day 3: Behind Glass
Day 4: One
Day 5: Flash
Day 6: Sunflower
Day 7: Logo