The Failure Begins Again

I have tried and failed twice at a 365 Day Photo Project. Seeing how this marks the halfway point of the year (from a month standpoint), why not try to not fail a third time.

Therefore, I’m unveiling my third attempt at a 365 Day Photo Project.

To make things easier on me, I’m going to take and edit all of these pictures on my phone.

I think in the past I’ve tried to get too ambitious with trying to take the picture with a big old DSLR or even a moderate sized point & shoot.

This way I know I won’t get too caught up in the quality of the image and I pretty much always have my phone on me. Plus this way, I don’t do what I’ve invariably done in my previous attempts, which is skipped days and tried to make them up on the weekend or even Monday morning.

By streamlining the photo taking apparatus and caring less about quality, I’m hoping to actually stay true to the purpose of this experiment and actually not fail this time. Even though I know both failures were due to noble causes.

I’m taking July’s list straight from the Fat Mum Slim website:

Fat Mum Slim

I might make my own list or combine lists in the future, but Fat Mum Slim will be my launching point.

Here is July’s List:

  1. Happiness Is…
  2. Shoes
  3. Cold
  4. Red, White or Blue
  5. Love
  6. Fave Smell
  7. Where You Are
  8. Path
  9. 3 Things
  10. Smooth
  11. I Wore This!
  12. A Bad Habit
  13. 4 O’Clock
  14. Edible
  15. Outside the Window
  16. Bottle
  17. Inspirational
  18. Number
  19. Building
  20. Hot
  21. Fave Food
  22. Grey
  23. I Drew This
  24. D is For…
  25. Ground
  26. The Every Day
  27. Black & White
  28. This is New
  29. Perspective
  30. Friendship
  31. Workspace

I’ll probably be uploading my daily picture to Flickr if you are looking for a preview. It is possible that some might get uploaded to Instagram as well, but I can’t make any promises on that front.

Hopefully I’ll see you back in here in 7 days with Days 1-7 successfully in the books!

2 thoughts on “The Failure Begins Again”

  1. I think you should go back to doing the weekly photo project where your friends get to
    Be creative and share their photo talents too. 🙂

  2. I would have continued that project if there would have been any kind of consistent participation.

    However, if somebody submits a picture for a given theme, I would still publish it.

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