365 Day Photo Challenge: 64-70

10 weeks in the books!

Day 64: My Name Begins With...
Day 64: My Name Begins With…

Day 65: Lines
Day 65: Lines*

Day 66: Alone
Day 66: Alone

Day 67: Here Forever
Day 67: Here Forever

Day 68: Getting Ready
Day 68: Getting Ready

Day 69: White
Day 69: White

Day 70: Made By Me
Day 70: Made By Me**

Last week’s collection was very diverse in location. 6 different cities. 4 different states were represented. This week everything was not very diverse in location. Everything was shot in Boone.

The next 7 themes:

Day 71: On the Wall
Day 72: Sweet
Day 73: What You Did Today
Day 74: Shadow
Day 75: Unexpected
Day 76: Liquid
Day 77: Season

*This pictures was admittedly taken on Day 70, but I liked it so much better than my original lines picture.
**I actually had very little to do with making these ribs. I sprinkled the seasoning on them, but that was about the end of my contributions to the Team Degeneffe Pufferbilly Days Barbecue Competition Team.