Phonetos – Vol. 1

Although I haven’t touched the real camera lately, I have sorta documented some stuff with my cruddy camera on my phone. Thought I would post some of those from the last few months. Remember, these are taken with a cruddy camera phone.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen many of these. Feel free to carry on.

Best donuts. Ever.

Our waiter at Pig Ate My Pizza. Carrying Naima’s favorite toy.

This was apropos of that weekend. I love John Cusack.

Iowa State Relay for Life

Such a great game!

Naima had Willy protect her while we watched the ISU-Oklahoma game.

I still don’t think they’ve done anything about this building.

Dre’s Birthday. Watching a little March Madness.

Layla’s Melancholy Lion.

Network Engineering Night at Welch Ave.



First birthday party I’ve been to that was on the grounds of a federal prison.


New love. Rico’s Tacos.

ISU Spring Game.

Confirmation Sunday with my Confirmation Mentee Mitchell.

Derek. Winner of this year’s Roundball Oracles.

Uncola at the Otho Pub.

Carla’s Art.

Logan really enjoyed his first Adobe experience.

Jim. The last night of bowling. Ever.

Dinner with a member of the Illuminati.

Miss May.

Bulletin from Pastor Sarah’s amazing Superhero Sermon Series.

The wall from the Citywide Youth Group.

More soonish…