Phonetos Vol. 2

The rest of the pictures from my phone from the last couple of months.

Once again, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen most of these already. Carry on!

First time playing BINGO with Jill.

After watching MONTAGE OF HECK, I listened to a ton of Nirvana again.

This is something I found during THE BASEMENT PROJECT and Michelle put it on her door at work. Not sure why.

Tried to get rid of this guy. Nobody wanted him. To the dump he went.

View from the hotel at Nate’s Bachelor Party.

My destiny.

Watching American League “baseball”.

George Brett. A statue. It isn’t really him.

Creepiest sculpture I’ve ever seen. Good work Kansas City.

Dae Hee at Boulevard.

This is what Nate did during 85% of his Bachelor Party. Text Laura.

Hilton South

Power & Light in a storm.

Getting a new used bed.

Gotta remember how they strapped down those chairs.

Grandma at Tara’s wedding.

Miss June.

The Ghetto Home Theater. Functional. Not pretty.

Welcome to Missouri. Where open racism is still condoned.

Pit Stop on the road to Nate & Laura’s wedding.

If you are a customer of US Bank, you can get a free selfie stick. In case you were interested.

Birthday dinner shenanigans.

Brandi tickets.

Yea! Don’t be stupid!

Mutt Cuts!

Probably all I got. For a while.