New Toy

We recently held an auction at the Computer Mine. The one thing in the auction that I really coveted was a blue Canon A4000 IS. I’m not a Canon guy at all. However, I’ve been sans point and shoot for a couple years now and there are times (like mission trips) where a little point and shoot would come in handy. While it isn’t the most powerful camera, I thought if I could get it for $50 bucks (while it retails for $150) I could slum and add a Canon to the arsenal.

I am notoriously tough on point and shoots, so hopefully it will last me a couple years or so.

I thought I would crack it out and document my weekend, to get a feel for it. Below are those pictures.

Spirit Week Super Dog! (Photo by Jorge Rios)

Spirit Week Gyro! (Photo by Joseph Lynch)

Seriously! Data migration call 10 minutes before I’m off!

Houlihan takes over my data migration! (Photo by Joseph Lynch)

Commitment to consumerism.

Supplies for Friday Night Supper Club

Willy grilling. Naima observing.

Firetub Swan Song… Or is it?

Breakfast with Mom at The Legal Limit. She loves having her picture taken.

Finally getting the studio put back together. Might re-do the 9 Emotions Project.

This is what $150 or so looks like.

Helping paint Teresa’s house.

Yeah. Nice try Cyclones.

Happy birthday Greg!

Worshiping an Awesome God!

Thinking about Fall Project #1.

Assisting with Jay’s Ice Skull Project.

Preparing for the Weekly Photo Challenge Photo Shoot.

Stan bringing over some firewood. Naima greeting him.

John grilling at the event formerly known as The Methodist Men Steak Fry.

Monday morning. Back to the grind.

I couldn’t wait for Monday night when I finally got a chance to breathe and have a small bit of free time again.