Party of Another Kind

While I prefer the kind of party where a bunch of people show up at my house and do a bunch of work to my house, other people prefer parties where cake is served and people have polite conversation. Back in August we had such a party for my Grandma’s 90th birthday.

Here is a photo from that event:

Those of us that could make it to Grandma's 90th Birthday Party
Mom’s Kids

Pictured are all of my Mom’s kids that could make it. Me, Logan, Teresa, Alexis, Carla, and Jason.

I wish I could remember who took this picture so they could get credit, but I can’t…


FOCAL LENGTH: 20mm (30mm – 35mm equivalency)
ISO: 250
DATE: 08/23/15 – 17:31

8 thoughts on “Party of Another Kind”

  1. More disbelief than hate here. You and Tony are more than a foot taller than me, the world is a totally different place to you guys.

  2. It is mostly doing a lot of work for short people.

    That is why I will support the first presidential candidate that promises to push legislation for height differential pay bump.

  3. See, I think short people should get the pay bump. With our short little legs, we have to work twice as hard to get anywhere as you lanky, tall people do. We’re working harder from birth.

  4. I would allow that, only if short people signed a contract that the would never ask a tall person to do something for them.

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