You Lookin’ at Me?

I’ve always said that my favorite pictures of people are when they are being real and not the posed holiday card variety. Perhaps this is why I have so few portrait accounts. Also perhaps why I don’t have a Christmas card.

In between painting my house and going out for my Mom’s birthday, I trudged around McHose Park with the Howards for their annual family photo shoot. I don’t usually release any images from the shoot until after Christmas, but they have already been published on Facebook, so I’m probably safe.

Here is one of my favorite images from the shoot:

There was a lot more teenage girl drama flying around than in years past, but that only adds to the humor of the day for me. Probably more to come in this series.


FOCAL LENGTH: 35mm (52mm -35mm equivalency)
FLASH: Flash fired, compulsory flash mode
DATE: 09-26-2015 – 15:02
LATITUDE: 42° 2′ 30.2.3″
LONGITUDE: 93° 53′ 19.5″
ALTITUDE: 312.82 meters

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