Weekly Photo Challenge Week 4 – GREEN

Pretty good participation this week. I have no complaints.

The submissions for GREEN:

Angie DeWaard

Michelle Haupt

Monica Kewer

Monica Kewer

Monica Kewer

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

It is time to reveal this week’s theme…


Time for a definition…

A wild animal is defined as an animal which lives in nature (is not provide shelter by a human), is responsible for getting its own food and water (is not provided food or water by humans), and is not cared for by humans.

However, as always, interpret the theme as you will. Deadline for submission is noon next Monday. Email them to bennett@photography139.com.

One quick housekeeping note. Last week was a very successful week for the recruitment division of Photography 139. They added 4 new email blog subscribers. If you see the following people on the streets, extend them a heartfelt greeting. For they are now part of the family:

-Carla Stensland
-Joseph Lynch
-Jorge Rios
-Anders Runestad

Also I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago that Melissa Degeneffe also became an email subscriber. You can also give her the secret handshake if you see her out and about.

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, you too can become an email subscriber by emailing bennett@photography139.com or by leaving a comment in the comments section.