It seems like a good time to return to the Iowa State Fair flower garden.

This also isn’t the picture that got me kicked out of the flower garden, but that one is coming up soon. I swear.


FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (90mm – 35mm equivalency)
ISO: 800
DATE: 08/22/2015 – 15:22
LATITUDE: 41° 35′ 42.7″
LONGITUDE: 93° 33′ 4.8″
ALTITUDE: 247.12 meters

7 thoughts on “Realism”

  1. I particularly like the lone tendril leaf. The rest of the flower is beautiful, but it is interesting.

  2. I do feel that too many flower pictures are taken of “perfect” flowers. Often the imperfections are what make them interesting.

    What do you think of the website redesign?

  3. I really enjoy it. I think it’s great to have your most recent stuff right up at the top of the page. I LOVE the headers, they’re really wonderful.

    I do miss your movie reviews and such – any plans to bring those back?

  4. Probably won’t be a return of movie reviews until I’m independently wealthy and have all the time in the world.

    I started trying to write a short story a week, but have struggled with that. I hope to get that going again.

  5. I can understand that. I kept meaning to get the kids to Ledges on a weekend to get photos of them with the leaves, but every single weekend filled up. It just happens.

  6. That’s a really good idea; I’m already taking off part of next Friday to take Alice on a field trip.

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