Taco Tailgate

In honor of Tacoctober a few friends from the mine and I held a taco tailgate before the Iowa State-Texas Christian football match recently. It seemed like a good time to squeeze off a few shots on the new toy.

Here are a few shots from Taco Tailgate 2015:

Since it is well established how I feel about koozies, my chums made sure I got one. Any way, anybody want a bottle koozie?

Jorge and Joe, placing the goodness on the grill.

More goodness.

Waiting for the goodness.

Houlihan chopping up the meat.

One of the mascots of Taco Tailgate.

Taco goodness!

Most of the tailgating equipment in years past has been provided by the Brog Frog Tailgating Company. Since they have closed down for business, I had to scramble for equipment this year. I found this table in my Mom’s garage. It is the perfect size for the trunk of my car.

Plans are already in motion for Taco Tailgate 2016.Play your cards right, you might just wrangle an invite. We are going to add a second taco recipe and hopefully upgrade some of our equipment. High on the want list is a tailgating canopy and a better grill. The fight goes on.

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  1. The goal is for people not to necessarily know what is coming, but I think this one is fairly straight forward.

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