Weekly Photo Challenge Week 5 – WILD ANIMAL

Admittedly, at this time of year, this is a hard theme to tackle. However, a fair amount of people were able to find a WILD ANIMAL. The challenge gets harder and harder as the weather gets colder and colder.

This week’s submissions:

Micky Augustin

Michelle Haupt

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Angie DeWaard

Time to reveal this week’s theme:


I don’t know that I need to define this one, I think everybody knows the definition of portrait. I think everybody knows what a face looks like. So this is a portrait that doesn’t include a face.

No other real news to share. No new subscribers this week. The website is undergoing a metamorphosis, if you haven’t noticed. It isn’t there yet, but it almost is, so feel free to check the website’s new look out. Including new headers! New logo! My Snapcode! Same great content!

As always, good luck this week to you and your faceless victims… um… subjects!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Week 5 – WILD ANIMAL”

  1. Fun entries!

    What focal length/lens did you use for the frog? That’s remarkably close-up, so I was wondering if you were using a telephoto or anything.

  2. It is 300mm.

    I wasn’t able to get the frog angle I wanted, but this was the best I could get with the clothes I was wearing.

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