New Friends

My nephew Brandon recently add a new life into his life and therefore into my family’s life. He drove halfway across the state and picked up Ezra. Last Sunday he brought Ezra over to meet Naima.

It was late and it was dark and so normally I wouldn’t post a photo that is this poor, but it is the best I have to offer to record what was the initial meeting between 2 new friends.

Naima and Ezra

The addition of this new companion reminded me of a video that recently went viral that a man made to help him say goodbye to his dog Denali.

The video ends with a quote from a scientist about what we can learn from dogs. While it has been well established that dogs are superior to humans in about every conceivable way, I had never heard this awesome aspect of dogs put so well. So I looked up the source of the actual quote and it is excellent advice on many levels.

“Everything you do for a dog to help them age well, you should do with them.

So eat the best food you can afford. Go for a walk, even if it’s raining. Take a lot of naps. Keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh, so that the people you lick will not flinch. And when someone you love walks in through the door, even if it happens five times a day, go totally insane with joy.”

The last line being the most poignant and obviously, the part where dogs have us beat. Every day of the week.

Why do I bring this up? Other than because I love dogs. Because it has given me an idea for a video project that I’m going to do with Naima in the near future. Some of you will be warned that you are in it. Some of you will just find out as it goes along.