Will History Blame Me…

We have been invaded, by an enemy far more lethal than any human force.
-Brad Crane

This photo is another tribute to a personal hero of mine Brad Crane. The scientist that saved America from the horrible bee invasion of 1978. Not only did he save us while doing minimal damage to the environment, it can’t be understated how snappy a dresser he was. I salute you Brad Crane.


ISO: 1600
DATE: 08/22/2015 – 18:25
LATITUDE: 41° 35′ 42.7″
LONGITUDE: 93° 33′ 5.2″
ALTITUDE: 255.15 meters

19 thoughts on “Will History Blame Me…”

  1. Chris Bennett goes hard. Bees? He’s not afraid of any stinking bees. He’ll get right up in their face.

  2. In all seriousness (unless you are allergic) one thing that really makes me drop the respect meter on people is the fear of insects or bees or spiders or snakes.

    Not as much as if I find out a person doesn’t like dogs. I usually just cut those people free.

  3. I have always wanted either a tarantula or a snake as a pet. But then I thought I’d be “the weird spider/snake girl,” and who wants to be typecast as that goth chick?

    Just kidding about being the weird girl (I’m obviously fine with that designation overall) – but I did always want one of those as a pet. But they seemed like a lot of work (and sort of gross) to find other bugs/animals to feed them. I don’t think I’d have the stomach to watch a snake swallowing a mouse.

  4. Snakes are kind of gross as a pet. I’ve never known a person that had a snake for a pet where their house didn’t completely wreak. They are grosser than cats and cats are pretty gross.

    Also, you have to kill the mouse for them, usually.

    Tarantula’s are kind of boring as a pet as well. They don’t really do much of anything. I think you are better off in the bunny world. Even if bunnies are well-documented jerks.

    But I’ve come to the conclusion over the years that caged animals aren’t really for me. I can’t stand watching animals in cages. Probably why I’ve become anti-zoo in recent years.

    I am not anti CBS show ZOO, though. That show is awesomely bad, in all the right ways!

  5. We weren’t able to let Jack run as much as we would have liked as soon as Alice became mobile (even though Jack was largely housetrained, there were still issues). We ended up having to rehome the bunny with someone who could let her run around. Even though I am not really a cat person, we tried them when Alice was about 3 – we discovered that my allergies to them had not, in fact, dissipated over the years, but instead had gotten unmanageable. Since I’m also allergic to birds (to a similarly extreme degree) and to dogs (to a much lesser degree), our options for pets have become sadly limited. If we lived in the country, we could probably work out having an outdoor pet, but it’s just not working out right now – I feel really bad about it. You are right, though – snakes smell terrible, as do most ferrets and caged animals.

    I didn’t even know that there was a show called ZOO on CBS? I’d be interested in the premise. In honesty, we sort of have a household-wide grudge against CBS, since they insist on airing abominations like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” or whatever it’s called. I know this is short-sighted, but it’s proven hard to overcome.

  6. You are on the right track with not watching CBS. Although the Howard family religiously watches every episode of every show on CBS, it is pretty awful.

    I’m not 100% sure ZOO was on CBS. I just think I might have saw some ads for it during the NCAA tournament.

    Whenever it ended its run, it immediately went to Netflix, where I have watched one episode. It is terrible. But terrible in the way I enjoy, like THE FOLLOWING. A show that was so terrible that it was entertaining. But not like CSI, which is so terrible that it cannot be endured.

    The jist (as I have gathered) is something is introduced in to the food sources of animals and then in turn they figure out that they can take humans out. So they do.

    I think it is based on a James Patterson novel, but I’m not overly familiar with the work of James Patterson other than that I know he exists.

  7. We’re a little bit elitist ourselves, and I’m comfortable with drawing the line at CBS. Is “The Following” the Kevin Bacon one? Whatever the Bacon one was had the first episode filmed in a friend’s neighborhood, and she was so proud – but I never ended up watching it. I remember hearing the first episode was terrible, but that it got better after that?

    I think I read one James Patterson novel on the advice of a friend. It was… okay. I’m also pretty elitist about books, I tend to only read a handful of current authors – I feel like an author needs to pass the test of 30 years or so before I’m going to invest a lot of time. I do have several exceptions to this, mostly particularly authors, but reading the Patterson novel just sort of reinforced this policy.

  8. I am not remotely an elitist. I am a well-documented man of the people. So I’m offended by your implication that I am an elitist. You are not the first person to make this false accusation though.

    THE FOLLOWING is the Kevin Bacon movie. Contrary to whomever told you it gets better, it does not get better. It is deliciously awful and incredibly stupid for its entire 3 year run.

    I didn’t tune in to it expecting it to be that bad. I had a natural curiosity because I respected Kevin Bacon since he was able to bringing dancing back to that small town all those years ago. It was also produced by Kevin Williamson, who makes a ton of garbage, but also makes some really good stuff.

    I was going to quit the show after a couple episodes, but it was something to kill time before I went to bowling on Monday nights and it was just so incredibly stupid. Each week I couldn’t wait to see what incredibly stupid thing they would do on next week’s show.

    What made its awfulness so delicious was it also started out extremely pretentious. It relied heavily on references to Poe, where it was begging to wink at the audience with its cleverness.

    And the portrayal of the FBI in this show… even the famous Keystone Cops are more flattering portrayal of law enforcement than THE FOLLOWING give the FBI. I sincerely hope that they didn’t cooperate in the production of this show because the FBI should sue its producers for slander or libel or whichever one portrays you as bumbling morons constantly outwitted by a cult of moron serial killers.

    THE FOLLOWING also had some of the best red shirts in the history of television. Okay, that guy is the new FBI agent. Okay, that guy will die this episode.

  9. I do know that lots of “men of the people” use red shirt references. 🙂 Just kidding – I think Star Trek is sort of the epitome of “a show for everyone.”

    I may have to hunt it down on Netflix. I’ve been rewatching all of the Sherlock episodes lately in preparation for the New Year’s special, but am sort of at a loss on what to watch on my breaks. Reading doesn’t work out well at those times, or else I’d just do that.

  10. It has been so long since I actually sat down and read a book it is pathetic.

    However, if you are looking for a show to watch, don’t bother with THE FOLLOWING.

    If you aren’t watching FARGO, you must stop whatever you are doing right now and watch FARGO. Easily the best show on television. I don’t even have a clue what would be second. Maybe GAME OF THRONES.

    THE FOLLOWING is on Netflix though.

  11. I caught the first couple of episodes of last season, loved it, but fell way behind because Charlie was so, so little. I got Jon the Blu-Ray for Christmas or something, and need to catch up on it. It’s easier if it’s on Netflix or similar because then I can watch it on my iPad and not be tied to a TV. We’ve been recording the second season, but I’m falling further behind. I love, love Martin Freeman (part of my love of Sherlock).

    Big, big GOT fans in our house. Also enjoy Silicon Valley that airs after it. I really like Downton Abbey, but Jon won’t watch it. I do like The Blacklist, but mostly just because of James Spader.

  12. Yeah. FARGO isn’t on Netflix. I think only streams from Hulu. The first and second season are only barely connected. Like how the first season is connected to the movie. Don’t hang your star on Martin Freeman. He is not in the second season. His character in FARGO is one of my most hated television characters in a long time.

    I don’t hate him as much as I hate Rick from THE WALKING DEAD, but it is up there.

    I’ve never seen or even heard of SILICON VALLEY, but I’m just a poor Network Engineer. I can’t afford the HBO.

    I do watch and am a fan of DOWNTON ABBEY though. I will be sad to see it go. As much as I hate Rick, I hate Lady Mary Crawley way more. Way, way, way, more! A rewarding series finale would be her being murdered by Edith.

    On the rare occasion that the Howard television is allowed to leave CBS, it ends up on THE BLACKLIST. Jesse had me watch 2 episodes but it just wasn’t for me. It had all the awfulness of THE FOLLOWING, with none of the charm. I couldn’t get into it, even on the level of the concept of this show is insanely wretched.

    I also think that James Spader is just an awful actor, but he has quite the following. I’m not sure why. But he seems to have rung your bell. Perhaps you can explain.

  13. Does Martin Freeman get pretty evil as the season goes on? I mean, it’s not like hitting your wife in the head with a hammer is extremely likable, but he still had some interesting characteristics. Or do you mean that he isn’t enjoyable as a character? I’ll have to resubscribe to Hulu, since our DVR long ago purged the episodes.

    I’ve always wanted to watch The Walking Dead, but the first episode scared me. (I get a bit jumpy.)

    I really, really enjoy DA. I also will be sad to see it go. Lady Mary is just terrible – so selfish, cold. Seems to not be exactly involved as mother. Poor Edith – I really do hope she gets a break this last season. I would be shocked if they don’t make a movie or something out of it.

    The Blacklist certainly is not fantastic or anything, it’s definitely not of the same caliber as the other shows. Mostly my affinity for James Spader is a holdover from “Pretty In Pink” – it’s a nostalgia thing, largely. His character is fairly pithy in The Blacklist, which I enjoy when combined with the nostalgia factor.

    Silicon Valley is interesting. I’m not sure if its available anywhere other than HBO Go (I think they encourage people to share their login, if you want to borrow ours). It’s on of the few comedies we watch, and has one of the few funny “dick jokes” I’ve ever seen.

    Hmm, other current comedies we watch since stuff like 30 Rock and Parks & Rec went off the air… I watch Louie and Archer on FX. There are a few other random FX shows that we’ve seen – I think The Comedians is the one with Billy Crystal last season, and there was one with Jay Baruchel (Man Seeking Woman, I think) that we watched last season. There was also some comedy on Comedy Central that we saw that was sort of Downton Abbey meets Real Housewives of whatever – Another Period, it is called. It’s got a lot of the guys from The State in it.

    That sounds like we watch a lot more TV than we really do – most of these are all on at different times of year, so we’re usually only actively watching a couple shows at once.

  14. Martin Freeman’s character is interesting, but he is very hatable. He is a little worm that needs to be crushed. Like Mary Crawley needs to be crushed.

    THE WALKING DEAD hasn’t had a very good season this year, but it is a really interesting show and is highly addictive. When it first started out I find it was going to be stupid and I had reached a breaking point with how popular things like zombies and vampires had become. But only in a way that had made these things lame. Vampires sparkle!

    The first season actually was a little uneven, but it really takes off from there.

    If you get a chance to watch a show on Comedy Central call REVIEW, I highly recommend it.

  15. That is exactly why I never really pushed past the first episode of The Walking Dead – I’m not all that invested in zombies or vampires. I have heard that True Blood is good, but I just can’t care about vampires. Popular culture has killed them for me. Have you started the new Walking Dead show?

    I’ll have to look up Review – we have been pleasantly surprised with many of the Comedy Central original shows.

  16. The only vampire related creation of the last 20 years that I can endorse is WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, although I think the charm of that movie starts to wane towards the end.

    A co-worker has been pushing I, ZOMBIE on my lately but I haven’t pull the trigger because I mostly getting jacked up for the return of MR. SHOW (under a new name). I also want to watch MASTER ON NONE because everybody says it is the greatest thing in the history of everything. With the exception of FARGO, of course. Last night’s episode was amazing, again.

  17. I had heard that Mr. Show was being rebooted, but hadn’t read anything since. Do you have any details? I’m sure it’s hard to work around Bob Odenkirk’s schedule – I loved Breaking Bad, but haven’t started the spinoff yet. I am ever a season behind.

    I really enjoy Aziz Ansari, so I have Master of None bookmarked in my queue. I hope it lives up to the hype. It may be a while before I get to watch it, as I really only watch Netflix on my afternoon breaks, and am currently rewatching Sherlock (very slowly) in order to be refreshed for the Christmas/New Year’s special. Since each episode is about 1:30, and I only watch 20 min at a time, this is a little labor-intensive.

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