You’re Underneath My Skin

Decided to keep a vow (that I made to myself) to go even harder on the Dream Effect. Might have to do this effect with a person soon. Hmmmmm…

Iowa State Fair Flower - Dream Effect - HDR Toning

You can also see what this image looked like before the effect was applied, by clicking on the image and closing the “Buy this Photo” noise put up by Photography 139’s Shameless Commerce Division.


ISO: 1600
FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (90mm -35mm equivalency)
DATE: 08/22/2015 – 18:28
LATITUDE: 41° 35′ 41.3″
LONGITUDE: 93° 33, 4.4″
ALTITUDE: 243.15 meters

6 thoughts on “You’re Underneath My Skin”

  1. It’s hard to believe that’s a real flower, the middle area (stamen? I should know this) is very intricate.

    That’s an amazing difference between the “dream effect” and the original. I don’t hate the dream effect.

  2. Suzanne,

    I’m glad of been able to reach you on a deep level. Continue this type of commentary and I might be able to get you your very own avatar!

  3. Angie,

    Hard to believe because you’ve never seen a zinnia before, or because of the effect? The dream effect was very trendy for a bit. Kind of like HDR, but it seems to have run its course. In terms of oversaturation.

    I don’t hate the dream effect is a ringing endorsement.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a zinnia with that marked of a color combination, and any of the craziness going on in the middle. I am guessing I’ve seen the more average-looking variety that sort of reminds me of some of the flowers in the Disney cartoon of Alice in Wonderland, like this:

    To clarify – I don’t hate the dream effect in this particular application. Overall, I find it sort of silly.

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