Home is Where the House Is

There will be more photos from this event, but I wanted to set this photo of Layla off on its own because I like it so much.

Deep Thoughts of a 3 Year Old

I’m not a mentalist, a psychic, or even a psycho, but this is what I think Layla is thinking:

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate.
And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.


ISO: 1000
FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (90mm – 35mm equivalency)
DATE: 11/15/2015 – 14:55
PHOTOSHOP: Converted to Black & White.

5 thoughts on “Home is Where the House Is”

  1. That sounds an awful lot like a Deep Thought.

    That photo is adorable. The cake mouth completes it.

  2. So should the subject.

    I found a bunch of websites where people recorded the deep thoughts of their kids. They were all inane and probably only fascinating to their parents. It was as if I wanted to write the people who ran these websites and let them know, “Hey, your kid isn’t all that special. Thought you should know before the world tells them. In very explicit terms.”

  3. Santa always used to bring me one of those daily calendars where you tear off each day – my favorite years were the two years I got Jack Handey calendars.

    I’m guilty of thinking my kids are funny, but I don’t think much is especially profound. Not raising Baby Socrates so far.

  4. Jack Handey is awesome!

    I frequently got such calendars for Christmas as well. But quickly forgot about them by January 5.

    If you Google 3 year old deep thoughts, you will come across a website devoted to the things a kid named T Rex says. It is pretty brutal.

    But it is also possible I’m just a dick.

  5. I’d forget to tear off the days on my calendar for weeks at a time. I had them at work both at Ortho and McF for about a six-year run, until I recently went to solely a wall calendar.

    Jack Handey and top ten lists comprised a large portion of my sophomore year entertainment.

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