With the Plastic Eyeballs

Not everybody can be a winner. Like people who get really angry about Participant ribbons. Those people aren’t winners.

These pictures are the people-who-get-mad-about-Participant-ribbons of the FOOD theme for the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Submitted with bits of commentary.

What I eat for breakfast about every Saturday. Because I like to eat healthy.

I’ve only been to corporate whore Starbucks once in my life, (Kim Barker made me go.) but this is what how I think about the cup “controversy”.

This picture was to suggest the size of the “Pile” Biscuits and Gravy. You’d be surprised to know how much Photoshop went into this image.

If loving chocolate milk is wrong, then I’m dropping this course and auditing a different one where my opinions are considered right.

I love sweet tea so much I should live in a place with a more moderate climate and have less of a work ethic.

Thanks Taco Bell! I was looking for a sign. Unfortunately she said “In what world?” and now I’m depression eating your disgusting tacos to feel… anything. You win twice.

The Condiment Basket.

I somehow doubt there will be so many losers next week.

4 thoughts on “With the Plastic Eyeballs”

  1. Jonathan Thomas has a theory that all of the best breakfast foods come in “pile” form. And that, whenever you go to a breakfast joint and they have a special food item, it’s just one of their regular foods in “pile” form.

    I like the sweet tea one best, although I don’t actually enjoy sweet tea.

    I have forgotten to bring my camera to work every single day this week. You will likely either be receiving a phone photo or nothing from me.

  2. Johnathan Thomas. Was that the kid on HOME IMPROVEMENT?

    The Pile is hash browns, biscuits and gravy, your choice of meat, and 1 egg. Your choice. I used to get the special every Saturday, which was basically chicken fried steak, but one day I got it and it tasted a little fishy. I haven’t gotten over that. They also have awesome breakfast burritos.

    I haven’t calculated if there are enough lyrics to cover a whole year of losers. There probably aren’t any losers this week. There was a WORK photo shoot, but some of those pictures will just be leaked over time.

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