2017 Photography 139 Calendar April

Here is the April image for the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar:


This picture goes into a category (it is a fairly stacked category) of, “I really love this photo but I’m not sure many other people will.” Different strokes for different folks. I love pictures of deterioration. Plus the license plate proclaiming Kansas “Land of Beautiful Girls” just kills me. Fits right into my wheelhouse of humor.

This particular picture of deterioration was taken in Strong City, Kansas. I went to Wichita to see the Zac Brown Band with Nate. The next morning after breakfasting at the International House of Pancakes (I know. Fancy!) we made our way back to Manhattan. Stopping every once in awhile to take some photographs. On one of these stops, I found this truck. The rest is Photography 139 history.

Before I let you go, the Photography 139 Calendar is now in stock.

This is a limited run and there will not be a second run. So if you wish to purchase a calendar, let me know. The price is $10. American.

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  1. You know what hasn’t decayed? The fuzz dice hanging from the rearview mirror.

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