This was definitely a tough week for participation rates. It was even a little tough for me. The early sunset. The national depression. The busy holidays. It has been tough the last few weeks. I get it. Hopefully there will be a bounce back next week.

But you don’t want to listen to me talk all tommyrot about participation rates. You want to see the submissions. Here they are:

Kim Barker

Becky Perkovich

Cathie Raley 1

Cathie Raley 2

Christopher D. Bennett

Angie DeWaard

But enough dwelling on the past. Time to look to the future. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future! This week’s theme:


FAMILY! What a great theme. But remember, don’t necessarily define family as a group of people that share genetic material. Families are defined by love. I bet everybody reading these words is a member of multiple families.

Just off the top of my head I consider myself to be a member of the following families:

The Bennetts
The Millers
The Petersons
The other Petersons
The Paris(es)
The Majors
Cyclone Nation
Baby Got Rack
The Rats
Boone County Sea Dogs
The Methodist Youth Group
The Methodist Men
The Methodist General Congregation
The Boone Outpost of the Evil Clown Empire Alumni
The Campus Outpost of the Evil Clown Empire Alumni
The West Ames Outpost of the Evil Clown Empire Alumni
The Engineering Team of The Computer Mine
The Brother/Sisterhood of The Cup

That is just scratching the surface. I know of way more families than just the ones I belong to as well.

For example. There is an extremely popular show on AMC called THE WALKING DEAD. The show takes place after the zombie apocalypse and current definitions of society and family has broken down. Now people huddle together into new families. One family is lead by a bumbling moron that does nothing but get people killed through his poor decision making. This family is lead by a “man” named Rick. While this family is highly dysfunctional and borderline evil, they are still a family. There is another family that has a smart and charismatic leader. A leader that makes good decisions. Keeps his people alive and makes his fair and just decisions based on the rule of law. This family is lead by a MAN named Negan.

While Negan’s family is way more successful than Rick’s family. They are both families. Both would be eligible for the FAMILY theme. Don’t judge the quality of the family when determining what fits the theme.

Or do whatever you want. Our little family here has limited rules. But what are those rules…



1. The picture has to be taken the week of the theme. This isn’t a curate your pictures challenge. This is a get your butt off the couch (my personal experience) and put your camera in your hands challenge. Don’t send me a picture of you next to the Eiffel Tower, when I know you were in Iowa all week. I will point out that I have let that slide some in the past. I will not in the future. Since it is literally about the only rule.

2. Your submission needs to be emailed to bennett@photography139.com by 11 AM on the Monday of the challenge. It should be pointed out that this blog auto-publishes at 12:01 on Mondays. So it wouldn’t hurt to get your picture in earlier.

That is it, them’s the rules.


Nothing new to report. I’ll try to do better next week.

Want your own Photography 139 email subscription? Call, email, or text me and I’ll get you the hook up.

That’s all I got for today, so if the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we will commune right here again next Monday. Hopefully it will be a very familial Monday.

13 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – WEEK 64 – TOWN”

  1. This is one of the cleverest explanations of a theme to date. I don’t even watch Walking Dead, and I feel like I’m there, like I’m in it.

    I texted to you too late, but I finally added a submission over lunch. It was taken outside of the world-renowned Downtown Deli.

  2. I just saw that. I’ll get that picture up soon.

    If you were to share my description of THE WALKING DEAD with most fans of the show they would probably call my analysis crazy. However, I’m pretty sure that most people can get past perception bias. The show is told through Rick’s point of view, so everybody seems to think he is the hero.

    He isn’t a hero. He is a moron that constantly leads his group to destruction.

    They hate Negan because he killed Glenn. Rick’s group attacked Negan’s group unprovoked and killed 37 members of their group. Negan captured Rick’s group and because he is a fair man, killed only 1. Okay, he killed 2, but that is because a second member of the group didn’t follow the rule of law that Negan had clearly set out from the beginning.

    Plus Negan has all the best lines.

  3. Jon’s mom and bro are big into it, so I’ll ask them.

    As a non-WD fan, I guess my obvious question would be why they’re killing each other at all, since they’re not zombies? Doesn’t that defeat the point?

  4. The answer to that is the same one as this:

    Why are people killing each other now?

    Because humans suck and are a vile and failed species.

  5. It is bloodlust that drives most of the evil in the world. It is short-sighted self-interest.

    If you put a candy bar between 2 humans and told them that if neither one of them touched the candy bar for 24 hours, they both would receive unlimited candy bars for the rest of their lives.

    However, if one of them touched the candy bar, that person would get 5 candy bars.

    In the middle of the night one of those 2 people would touch that candy bar, because human almost always act in self-interest and they would be so fearful the other person would touch the candy bar and they’d get nothing that they would settle for getting the 5 instead of the infinite.

    Perhaps the silver lining of the Trump presidency is that we just moved exponentially closer to being wiped off the face of the earth.

  6. We really are sort of collectively awful. You can’t look at Syria and disagree.

    I agree, this is maybe reverse Darwinism?

  7. I often take an image early in the week that isn’t my intended image, but just in case. Then I have a plan for the intended image later in the week.

    I went to the Christmas Parade in Boone on Thursday night to take my safety image. Jesse and I were supposed to fly to NYC on Sunday, where I was going to take my intended image. However, that trip got cancelled. I never got back to that image because my schedule was pretty crazy last week. That is how I ended up with this image.

    I should try to be more ambitious this week.

    I have been watching WESTWORLD. I have not seen the final episode of the season yet though. I’ve been trying to figure out when to watch it. I took Friday off from work, so it will probably be a Friday morning thing. That looks like that will be the next time I have free time again. There might a small window of opportunity late tonight. We’ll see.

  8. The week gets by me so fast, is my problem. I need to stake out time.

    You’ll have to let me know what you think. The reason I bring it up is because everyone keeps saying, “This place reveals who you truly are.” The morsel I’m gathering from that is just that all people are apparently a-holes, every single one.

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