Happy Birthday America!

This is unfortunately a little late, but Happy Independence Day to those of you that celebrate it!

Happy Independence Day - 2017

On a personal note, this was the first year that fireworks was legal in Iowa in something like 70 years. If my neighborhood the last couple of weeks is any indication of the years to come, they can go back to being illegal.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!”

  1. I straight-up hate the legality of fireworks. My kids have been woken up every night for the past two weeks.

  2. I can’t actually hear the fireworks if my doors are closed, but when I go outside it is insane. The whole town smells like black powder.

    My hope is that people are just masturbating over fireworks this year because they haven’t had legal access to them in years.

    I don’t want them to be illegal, but I don’t like them.

  3. I wish that there were some kind of in-between. I agree that them being illegal is dumb. But maybe parameters on what times they can be done, or where, or whatever. Like just maybe not in residential neighborhoods – Boone had a TON last night still going when I drove through.

    Alice got to watch a crap-ton of illegal ones on the way to Ogden last night, which was good since we punked out on the casino.

  4. What is an illegal firework any more? I saw ones for sale that were similar to the ones I fired off during the failed Jaycees segment of my life.

    The 3 year old libertarian part of me doesn’t want them to be illegal. But it has seriously sounded like a war zone around here for the last few weeks. Not just last night.

    I feel like if this is okay, then I should put some speaker on my front lawn and blare Miles Davis’ NEFERTITI album as loud as I want during this week as well. Maybe SORCERER.

    I’m pretty sure I could get away with about any crime I wanted to the last few days.

  5. Before the Ames show on Monday night, there were a bunch of huge fireworks that I was sure were the actual show that we could see over by the Gateway Hotel that were being set off in JTS lots. So I think everyone just assumes that they can blow off their faces now? I had thought it was pretty defined to smaller ammunitions, but I admittedly have not researched this at all.

    The one good thing about Ames is that it’s technically illegal to let them off in town. So, even though people are wildly disregarding that, I think it’s less than it would be if we lived elsewhere. Especially since our area is pretty quiet by nature. I would be just constantly annoyed – I think you’re getting it way worse than us, and I already want to kill people.

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