3 thoughts on “She’s Drunk Again and Looking to Score”

  1. Wait. Does this mean that you’ve learned your lesson about saying that Nora is cute because I will twist and say that you are infatuated with Dae Hee?

    That final photo is taken at this sweet sculpture park called Franconia. If you are ever up in Minnesota I would strongly endorse checking it out. It is about an hour east of the Twin Cities.

    They sell freeze pops and water on the honor system.

    If you go all the way to the end of this gallery, you can see the raw photos I took there. Including, the giant penis sculpture.


  2. That’s brilliant to have on the honor system – I’ll have to hunt that down, that’s such a cool idea for a sculpture park. There is some fascinating stuff there.

    Well, that sure is a giant penis sculpture. I can’t really imagine what else it is. I’m in love with the boom boxes, though, and Charlie would adore the dump truck toy.

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