A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 59

On Labor Day I was able to take a picture for Page 59 of the Photo Journal:

Photo Journal - Page 59
Page 59 – Take a picture of yourself as yourself.

Logan assisted with the production by moving the camera here and there. Johnathan watched in a distance.

While most people will disagree, I think that I don’t take enough pictures of rubber dinosaurs. Probably should get on that.

3 thoughts on “A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 59”

  1. The “successful” photographers usually concentrate on one thing. They are known for one thing. I read an article about a woman who was stacking Benjamins for taking macro photos of dead fish that washed up on the beach.

    Maybe the way I’ll make my nut is by becoming the world’s preeminent rubber dinosaur photographer.

  2. I truly can’t imagine what the market for macro dead fish photos looks like. But I’m intrigued.

    Kudos on using the phrase “make my nut.”

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