Yeah, Real Photography

Last week was an insane week and I didn’t get out in my element much. Therefore, there aren’t many NATURE alternates I didn’t use. But here they are:






The newspaper photo was taken in a garage stuffed with old Buicks about a mile north of the terrible town of Gilbert.

The next two photos were taken down by the Des Moines River near Milton Lott’s Grave. You don’t know the story of Milton Lott. Well the short version is that his dad Henry was a coward and a murderer.

The last two photos were taken in McHose Park.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, Real Photography”

  1. My grandma and grandpa Lind used to take us by Milton’s tree when we’d go to Boone. It’s a big piece of my memories of them, and simultaneously so sad.

  2. Henry Lott was such a piece of garbage .

    But it is a fascinating piece of history. I always felt Boone should incorporate it somehow. Now that Dam to Dam is ending, now would be the perfect time for Boone to step in and have the Milton Lott Fun Run. Start at the mouth of the Boone River and end at Milton Lott’s grave.

    Most of it would have to be trail running. For the real brave souls. Also, it should be held in the middle of the winter.

    Although, the mouth of the Boone River isn’t even in Boone County.

  3. That’s kind of brilliant. Proceeds benefit charities that deal with child abuse. Or to help kids who actually have terrible parents be safe. Headphones could be rented like you get at a museum, that tell you what happened at each point along the path – so it’s also a history lesson.

    I bet Willy would run that.

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