But That’s Kind of Hard When She’s Ready to Go

“This performance is dedicated to all the playa hating teachers that won’t let a little gangsta shine!”

I normally don’t get too into explaining any of my photography. The thing about art is that once the artist creates it and puts it out into the world, they are powerless to control how people interpret the piece.

However, I thought I would explain a little bit of what my original vision was for the HATE theme. So interpretations don’t got too far askew.

I intended to join in with an anti-social media movement championed by this website:

Pro Personal Communication

I printed off one of their props and even had Michelle cut them out for me (since I’m not that great with the scissors) and I was going to spend my weekend using the prop to be a hater and HATE on the phone zombie phenomenon.

However, I just could get my playa hating game going this week. I’m not sure what was wrong. I hope my invite to the Playa Haters’ Ball doesn’t get pulled. That weekend catching up with Silky Johnson and Mr. Roboto is one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Here are the HATE photos that didn’t make the cut for THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE:

Loser - Hate

Loser - Hate

Loser - Hate

Loser - Hate

The picture that is just of me, isn’t because I HATE myself. No need to send me link’s to Logic videos. I HATE getting ice cream in my beard.

Here is another thing for you to HATE.

Recently, Baby Got Rack had to pull out of the Pufferbilly Days Barbecue Contest. There will be no threepeat as the People’s Champ. Baby Got Rack had to pull out because Scottie D. has a myriad of catering gigs lined up. Including his brother’s wedding. I tried to get him to skip his brother’s wedding. It is a long standing policy of mine that only bad people get married during the fall on Saturdays and furthermore I don’t know why my weekend should be ruined because somebody else “fell in love”. But Scottie D. is a hopeless romantic and tells me I should stop hating.

Maybe I will keep my invite to the Playa Haters’ Ball after all!