Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest – 2017

It is the time where I reveal what photos I entered into the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest, but first the good news and the “bad” news.

The good news is that my sister Carla cleaned up at the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest. She got 1st Place in Hidden Treasures of Boone County and Second Place for Photojournalism.

The “bad” news is that the 6 photos I entered got no love from the judge or judges. I really have no clue how they pick the awards. But I put “bad” in quotes because if I could choose to get no awards, that is exactly what I would choose. Plus, I’m super excited about Carla’s awards! Pretty sweet!

If I can get Carla to email me her submissions, I’ll post those at a later date. Like the day that she emails them to me.

Hopefully Teresa will enter some photos next year too!

Any way, you may recall that I had 6 people choose my 6 submission based on who left comments on an Instagram post. Here are those 6 submissions and the people that selected them:

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest - 2017
Dawn Krause

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest - 2017
Laura Miller

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest - 2017
Amber Moore

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest - 2017
Michelle Haupt

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest - 2017
Micky Augustin

Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest - 2017
Jim Robbins

If you would like to see the pool of photos that they had to choose from, click on the link below:

2017 Pufferbilly Days Submission Pool

If you are wondering what was selected to the submission pool here are the requirements:

1. Have never been entered into another photo contest (i.e. Iowa State Fair, Boone County Fair)
2. They had to fit into 1 of the 4 categories: Nature, Photojournalism, Photoshop, or Hidden Treasures of Boone County)
3. I had to like them, sorta.

I’ll add that this is the photo that wasn’t entered, but was chosen by Selector-Alternate Sara Lockner:


I believe that is probably it for photo contests for 2017. As things now, I will probably remain unretired from Photo Contests in 2018. See you then.