The Town Sign Project Vol. 2

I haven’t made much progress on THE TOWN SIGN PROJECT lately. A disturbing amount of towns don’t have signs. That lack of town pride disappoints me. Gets me right in the feels. The negative feels. Here are 7 more town signs that I have reaped in recent weeks:

Bouton, Iowa

Woodward, Iowa

Leon, Iowa

Osceola, Iowa

Kelly, Iowa

Sheldahl, Iowa

Slater, Iowa

Obviously Sheldahl has the best sign out of this collection.

Jesse assisted on a couple of these signs.

3 thoughts on “The Town Sign Project Vol. 2”

  1. I’m 99.9% sure that they no long have sauerkraut days is now a thing of the past. Like the United States being the leaders of the free world.

    I’m not even sure they still do the breakfast. Although there is still a slot for that on the sign.

    They have maybe the world’s worst website:

    It is a disappointment, because the “sauerkraut days” part made the sign more interesting. Maybe I’ll have to check out Ackley, Iowa (wherever that is), Wikipedia claims they still have Sauerkraut Days of some sort.

  2. Unrelated, but I want to make a trip up to Rolfe, Iowa because they have this Cy statue in their town that has a great backstory.

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