Yo, Ya Just Get in That, You Get in that Head Space, Ya Know

The general public wasn’t ready for these pictures to be unleashed on Monday for the WHITE theme for THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Not sure they’re ready now, but I can’t hold them back any longer. Here are the alternates for WHTIE:









Once again, there weren’t many alternates this week. I spent most of my WHITE week doing vacation type stuff. If you’re lucky, I might get into my vacation stuff on Sunday.

All of these pictures were taken in th ebackyard of the Photography 139 Studio.

15 thoughts on “Yo, Ya Just Get in That, You Get in that Head Space, Ya Know”

  1. This really hasn’t even started the real lyrics yet. This is some words he says before the song starts. Plus when we get into the song, I’m going to change some of the lyrics so it isn’t about other rappers, it is about photographers.

    So that will further confuse the issue.

    Why next to nobody will have heard this song is because it is by a Christian rapper.

  2. Ah, that makes sense! No, I think the closest I’ve gotten to Christian rap lately is Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” which is sort of gospel-y. But it sounds interesting!

  3. There has to be a very limited market for Christian rap. I know like one other person that listens to it. The song is called “Real”. It is by NF. He sounds more than a little bit like Eminem.


    He doesn’t like to be classified as Christian rap because he feels his music is for everybody, not just Christians, which is the way I think all artists should think.

    If you actually interested, one of my favorite musicians (period), Lecrae just released what I think is one of his best albums.

    This is my favorite song off of it:


    But there are several songs on the album I love.

  4. You’re right – I definitely hear Eminem in NF, especially right in the beginning of it. It sounds more than a little bit familiar, is there a chance you shared it with me previously? I’ll listen to the second one as soon as I’m done with this Lecrae one I’m listening to!

    I really like Lecrae’s song a lot. He’s got that drawl and a cool scratch to his voice. He reminds me of maybe Outkast?

  5. I suppose that is possible, but can’t say that I have for certain. Another one of my favorite NF songs is about his mom dying of a drug overdose. So real happy stuff.

    Lecrae is from the south, so you nailed that. Based out of Atlanta currently. The first song that turned me onto Lecrae:


  6. Yikes – heavy, but probably good for kids to hear. I mean, to hear that someone’s had it rough and made it through.

    I think Outkast is from Atlanta! The type of drawl was very similar, the dialect.

    I REALLY like that, too. I’m going to see if I can hunt him down on Spotify – I’m not sure how they are about including Christian artists…

  7. I am currently listening on Spotify – you were right!

    He’s very, very talented. I love me some hip hop, and his is great. I bet it’s wonderful in youth groups.

  8. While talking about little-known music we dig… they’re less uplifting and much more silly, but I really enjoy Republican Hair. They’re out of Nashville, just a tiny little band – but their new “The Duke and the Prince” LP has songs that I can’t stop loving. “Miss Prince” and “Constellation” are about Prince and Bowie respectively – I really enjoy “Miss Prince.” “Whatever Blows Your Hair Back” is very funky, and “Nag Champa” makes me laugh. For some reason, I can see you listening to them.

    The LP itself is available on Spotify, which is usually where I listen – or else here’s their random YouTube results:


  9. Depends on the age group. He deals with some pretty mature themes. Like sex, drugs, and pornography.

  10. Finally got a chance to check out Republican Hair. Absolutely amazing. Particularly love MISS PRINCE!

  11. I thought you would like them! Something told me that you would – and Prince is bomb, so the song has to be! Alice LOVES that song.

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