A Photo Journal – Page 109

Ever since the first time I flipped through THE PHOTO JOURNAL and landed on Page 109, I knew exactly where I wanted to take that picture. I flipped flopped on what I wanted the subject to be, but I never waiver on the setting.

It wasn’t until a week or so before I took the photo that I decided on what I wanted the subject to be. I decided the subject should be me.

Occasionally on Wednesdays I shoot over the ISU Surplus Sale. I don’t usually buy anything, (although I occasionally I come home with a gem) but I like to peruse. A week before I finally pulled the trigger on Page 109, I planned on taking this picture. However, after I left the ISU Surplus Sale and headed west on Airport Road to take the image, I found something terrible. The setting had been fenced off. It now required a security code to get there. A security code I didn’t have. It became obvious that Page 109 was going to need a new setting.

Then out of nowhere I got an email that Micky, I, and others were going to take a Computer Mine Field Trip out there. Boom! Plan back on!

Photo Journal - Page 109
Page 109 – Photograph a word to change its meaning.

While I can only physically adhere one image into the physical A PHOTO JOURNAL, I did take one more photo that I feel like sharing:

Photo Journal - Page 109

I think I have about 10-15 of these pages left.


Here is you weekly reminder that this week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is CANDID PORTRAIT:


Happy photo harvesting!

2 thoughts on “A Photo Journal – Page 109”

  1. You look like u snuck into the secure facility wearing your invisibility cloak to grab your photo, a cross between Dumbledore and hagrid w magical camera powers

  2. In some ways, I did.

    Plus it was actually a little chilly that day.

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