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The most recent subject of THE POSTCARD RECREATION PROJECT is the Ericson Public Library. There are actually quite a few old timey postcards out there for Boone’s library. I guess that isn’t much of a surprise, because it is a beautiful building. What did surprise me that there isn’t that much historical information about the library. At least in the quick cursory search that I did.

Here is what I think you should know about the library from a description of the library from

The roots of the Boone library go back to a “free reading room” that was established by Boone residents in 1885. In 1889, the room was given to the city as the basis of a public library. Senator C.J. A. Ericson of Boone gave the city a building in 1901 that would become the library. In 1923, a significant donation by Rena Ericson, Senator Ericson’s daughter, allowed expansion of the building. The library was enlarged again and remodeled in 1993.

I’m very intrigued by this “free reading room”.

Also, all of the postcards that were recreated, must date before 1923, because they are clearly before the first library expansion.

Here is today’s collection:

Boone, Iowa. Ericson Library. - Original

Boone, Iowa. Ericson Library. - Redux

Ericson Library, Boone, IA. - Original

Ericson Library, Boone, IA. - Redux

Ericson Public Library, Boone, Iowa -6 - Original

Ericson Public Library, Boone, Iowa -6 - Redux

Ericson Library and M.E. Church, Boone, Ia. - Original

Ericson Library and M.E. Church, Boone, Ia. - Redux

I’ve decided not to get overly worked up about trying to match fonts from old postcard to recreation. I will be satisfied, as long as I am in the ballpark.

I have also decided to add a new element to THE POSTCARD RECREATION POSTCARD. This new element is the “Modern Interpretation” of what a present day postcard of the Ericson Public Library would look like. If I were making postcards of the Ericson Public Library.

Ericson Public Library - Modern Interpretation
Modern Interpretation

The library used to house a museum on the second floor. That museum has since moved, possibly to a building that is a future subject of THE POSTCARD RECREATION PROJECT.

8 thoughts on “Postcard Recreation Project – Ericson Public Library”

  1. This is additionally great. I didn’t realize that area off to the north was added on so recently. You can tell when you frame them like this!

  2. I knew that because that happened when I was in high school. But I had no clue at all that they added to the original library to the east. I had always thought that the building existed just the way it did from its inception, until the north expansion.

    Between this and the Town Sign Project, I’ve learned quite a bit of little bits of history.

    Learned some interesting history recently about the awful people of Webster County. That might come out next week.

  3. …What if they were only born there and lived there through second grade? Then they can’t be THAT bad, right?

  4. Love this series and have a special fondness for the library. Really appreciate the history and versions.

    For reference, the modern interpretation looks awesome and is my favorite of the group.

  5. Angie,

    Depends on how much this hypothetical person likes Taco Tico….


    Glad you are digging it. It has been years since I’ve been in the library, which is kind of sad. I don’t even have a library card currently. Probably because I don’t want the FBI monitoring my reading habits.

    You might not like the series that happens in a couple of weeks, cause I’ll probably have to have a go at the Masons. And that will probably the end of this website. You just don’t cross the Masons. If 50% of the programming on the History Channel is any indication.

  6. Tamara,

    It seems the library does have a very special place in the hearts of many people from Boone. I remember it more as a child than as an adult. Mostly memories of pouring over books they had on movie monsters and checking out the entire “Black Stallion” series. Not at the same time, but over time. Probably something I need to remedy when this pandemic is over. I’m putting it on my very modest post pandemic list. Things like “eat inside a restaurant” and “see live music” and now “go to the library”.

    Kio sent me an email that also showed his affection for the library:

    “FYI. Yet another interesting aside about the library in particular about the museum on the second floor. To meet an assignment for a class at Iowa I spent every Friday night for two months cataloging the items in the museum. This before most if not all people in Boone or the rest of the world knew there was a museum on the second floor of the Ericson Public Library. My Uncle GT, the second floor museum, and countless other interesting stories. I have a treasure trove of goodies in the recesses of my mind.”

  7. I’ll also add that I don’t think anybody will have that much affection for the next set of Postcard Recreation images. That includes me. Buch of white collar criminals. And unfortunately now days, probably red-hatted criminals.

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