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I need to start today by wishing Laura a happy birthday. Happy birthday Laura!

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This set of old-timey postcards I recreated for THE POSTCARD RECREATION PROJECT, are of the First Presbyterian Church. Their website has a pretty good “History” section. Here is some of its content:

·The First Presbyterian Church of Montana, Boone County, Iowa was organized with nine members on March 12, 1866

·A church building was erected on the spot where the current Educational Building now stands on March 1, 1868. The cost of the structure was $1,500.

·The town of Montana changed its name to Boone on August 30, 1871.

·1878 was the year of the organization of the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society.

·A congregational meeting was held to consider the erection of a new church building on February 24, 1879.1879 also marked the beginning of a Christian Education Program.

·The present church building was dedicated on December 28, 1879.It was estimated that the cost was $10,000.

·At a congregational meeting on March 3, 1887, it was decided to build a manse, the cost not to exceed $2,000.

·Hope Chapel was erected at the corner of Sixteenth and Tama Streets in March 1895.The building and lot were sold in 1949.

·In 1906 this congregation was the largest in the Fort Dodge Presbytery with a communicant membership of 321.

·In 1916 the congregation numbered 519, the Sunday School enrollment was 615 and the annual budget was $5,302.The organizations included the Young People’s Society, the Men’s Brotherhood, and 3 women’s societies.

·On November 10, 1935, the present organ was dedicated.

·In 1939, the first Vacation Bible School was conducted for children.

·In 1947, the Women’s Groups voted to reorganize and become an all-inclusive group to be known as the Presbyterian Women’s Organization.

·The current Educational Building was completed in 1954 at a cost of $147,000.Dedication was held on March 27, 1955.

·The Jordan Presbyterian Church merged and was welcomed to the Boone church by action of the Presbytery on September 22, 1964.

I think the Presbyterian Church is the second oldest standing church building in Boone. I think the Marion Methodist Church is older, but I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Here are the postcards:

1st Presbyterian Church2229 - Boone Iowa - Original
1st Presbyterian Church – 2229 – Boone – Iowa – Original

1st Presbyterian Church2229 - Boone Iowa - Redux
1st Presbyterian Church – 2229 – Boone – Iowa – Redux

Presbyterian Church - Boone IA - 938 - Original
Presbyterian Church – Boone IA – 938 – Original

Presbyterian Church - Boone IA - 938 - Redux
Presbyterian Church – Boone IA – 938 – Redux

Presbyterian Church - Boone, Ia - Original
Presbyterian Church, Boone, Ia – Original

Presbyterian Church - Boone, Ia - Redux
Presbyterian Church, Boone, Ia – Redux

First Presbyterian Church - Boone, Iowa - Modern Interpretation
Presbyterian Church – Boone, Iowa – Modern Interpretation

The next time we check in with THE POSTCARD RECREATION PROJECT it will involve a train depot.


This is your reminder that this week’s THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is PLAY:


A PLAY image is simply an image where the composition includes either something that is PLAYed or somebody PLAYing. There are all types of things that can be PLAYed. Games to musical instruments to sports to people.

Of course, PLAY has multiple meanings. A PLAY can be words on a piece of paper that tell a story or a PLAY can be acting out those words on a stage. It is more than just humans that PLAY. Animals also PLAY.

Think about the following old proverb when you are considering your PLAY interpretation:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Meditation on these words will no doubt lead to a fascinating PLAY image.

Happy photo harvesting!

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  1. I love the house that stood beside the Presbyterian Church. I wonder if it was moved or torn down…? Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is pretty cool. I assume that is the “manse” or what at the Methodist Church we would call a parsonage. Must have went away when they built the Educational Building. Hopefully it got moved, but I don’t know I’ve seen a house around town that looks like it. Not that I have every house in town committed to memory.

    I’m very curious about the chapel they apparently built on the corner of 16th and Tama. I wonder if one of the houses that sit at the intersection was the chapel and was turned into a residence.

    I wonder if their church has a church historian. I know we have one, but I’m not really sure what the job actually entails.

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