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To a Great 2017!

Pretend like I published this on January 1, just like I meant to do.

It is that day at Photography 139 Headquarters where we take down our old Photography 139 Calendar and put it in the trunk with many of the other remnants of our past.

We like to think that 2016 was a successful year for Photography 139 and I’d like to thank everybody that was responsible for making it appear so.

So to my list of email blog subscribers…

Jay Janson
Jason Baier
Shannon Bardole
Scott Degeneffe
Corey Faust
Susanna Funk
Jill Gorshe
Jesse Howard
Sara Lockner
Teresa Kahler
Nader Parsaei
Becky Perkovich
Bernice Verhoorn
Suzie Brannen
Eric Hiatt
Kim Barker
Cousin Amy
Russell Kennerly
Tim Tuck
Tim Tucker’s Lady Friend
Michelle Haupt
Geri Derner
Micky Augustin
Angie DeWaard
Mike Vest
DaeHee Yoon
Monica Henning
Sarah Karber
Carla Stensland
Laura Miller
Joseph Lynch
Jorge Rios
Anders Runestad
Laura Miller
Michael Houlihan
Dawn Krause
Joe Duff
Derrick Gorshe
Dustin Jackson
Bethany Miller
Logan Kahler
Elizabeth Nordeen
Nicole Nickens
Jeff Daniel
Stephanie Kim
Bob Person
Melissa Degeneffe
Willy MacAlpine
Janice Peterson
Jessica Potts
Steve Junck
Shawn Lockner
Brooke Milligan
Cathie Raley
Paul Golden
Linda Toot
Jodie Bennett
Dan Pottratz
Alisa Baker
Cassandra Chadwick

Thanks for a great 2016! Of course, I’ll try to do better in 2017. Hopefully our little family will continue to grow in the new year!

The Birthday Party of Fate (Roundup)

I’ve thanked all these people in person, but I’d like to publicly thank everybody that helped out in some either small or big way with my birthday party on Saturday.

Big shout out to Scott for making tons of delicious mouth watering chicken and jalapeno cream corn. I only wish I would have had time to help do more than just brine the chicken. If I am so inclined to do this again next year and you are so inclined to help with the food next year, I will have to schedule this so I can be more hands on with the process. I may have been The Master, but Scott was undeniably the Smoker Master. I just can’t overstate how amazing the chicken was people.

Much love to Scott’s (better-other-less high maintenance) half for making the Pick and Pluck. If I would’ve thought of it, I would’ve bought several gallons of ice cold chocolate milk to knock down while setting up shop on that thing.

Thanks to Logan and Corinna for holding down the grill and making an assortment of hot dogs and sausages to compliment the mouth watering chicken. I don’t really have any photos of the event, perhaps next year I can talk him/them into doing some candid photography for the party.

I’m always able to count on Dae Hee when I need some assistance. He came over and helped put up the canopies for the outdoor dining area, the tent for an additional child area, moved all the chairs from the basement to the outdoors, and watched 2 hours of GAME OF THRONES. A pretty solid effort!

Thanks to Jason for loaning me his Cornhole set.

Thanks to Shannon for loaning me her canopies, although I’m still unclear where one gets tailgating tents that don’t have Iowa State colors. Or why a person would even want such a thing.

Thanks to Jesse for laminating the beverage identification signs.

Thanks to Teresa for helping out in various tasks before the party started.

Thanks to my Mom for making a copious amount of side dishes and desserts. Nobody went home hungry. That is for sure.

Finally, thanks to everybody that took time out of their lives to come visit me:

Logan & Corinna
Aunt Linda
Steph, Katie, Jeff, & Yin
Carla, Jason, Alexis, and Johnathan
Scott, Melissa, Austin, and Porter
Dawn, Kevin, Scott, and Kayelee
Jen, Derrick, Evie, and Layla
Sara, Shawn, and Gretchen
Jesse, Kelly, Kalista, Saydie, and Taylan
Dan and Angie
Monica and Jeff
Bethany, Dae Hee, and Nora
Jason, Will, Ben, and Nader
Anders & Nicholas
Shannon and Jason
Michelle, Craig, and Lily
Kim and Kevin

A special thanks to Dae Hee, Bethany, and Nora who came from Minnesota. Aunt Linda who came from Kansas. Stephanie who came all the way from Brooklyn. I guess I’m morally obligated to visit her in October now. Right?

Since I think that this party was a success on some level, I am tentatively planning on doing it again next year. Tentatively thinking about some time on Memorial Day Weekend next year. We’ll see how the cookie crumbles.

Now to the less than stellar news…

The Photo Booth was a success, but far from perfect. It turns out that the photo booth program I used has a painful little quirk. If the “Finish” button wasn’t pushed at the conclusion of the photo session, the program timed out and didn’t save the photo strip! The good news is that it did save the original images. The bad news is that there will be a night in my future where I’ll be piecing together photo strips from saved images. Yeah me!

For that reason, I did load up all the images into the party gallery. Not just the “finished” photo strips.

To see those images, click on the link below… (You can also download them by clicking on the down arrow icon.)


However, thought I would share a few of them here as well:

But the good news is that I now have a thousand different ways to improve the photo booth for next year. Tentatively.


A slight dip in submissions this week, but that was to be expected with a bit harder of a theme. It wasn’t too much of a challenger for first time contributor Geri Derner though! Here are the submissions for WINDOWS:

Kim Barker 1

Kim Barker 2

Kim Barker 3

Kim Barker 4

Micky Augustin

Mike Vest

Carla Stensland

Christopher D. Bennett

Geri Derner.

What is this week’s theme? Keep scrolling!


This is a nice and easy theme. The only person I would expect to struggle with this theme would be a true Lone Wolf. For the sake of this theme, a PORTRAIT would be considered a posed photo of somebody. That somebody could be a person, an animal, or a stuffed animal. Interpret away! As always, I can’t wait to see the submissions.

No HOUSEKEEPING today. I’ll try to do better next week.


So the walk down memory lane now concludes. With a look at the images that were in the calendar that early this morning will be taken down from kitchen walls (most common place I’ve seen the calendar hung up), office walls, cubicle walls, and placed gently in the trash with yesterday’s coffee grounds. 2015 Photography 139 Calendar I bid you a fond adieu.

2015 Calendar Cover
Front Cover

January - 2015 Calendar

February - 2015 Calendar

March - 2015 Calendar

April - 2015 Calendar

May - 2015 Calendar

June - 2015 Calendar

July - 2015 Calendar

August - Flower Calendar

September - 2015 Calendar

October - 2015 Calendar

November - 2015 Calendar

December - 2015 Calendar

If you ever get bored and want to take this walk down memory lane again, you can visit the Calendar and Postcards Gallery in the PHOTOGRAPHY 139 GALLERY. Link below:


Since yesterday was the end of year and a holiday that many people celebrate (not me though, I don’t need the calendar gestapo telling me when to start a new year) I would like to take a quick moment to thank everybody that has continued to be an email subscriber to this here blog.

Off the top of my head and I apologize if I miss anybody:

These people are all original subscribers or at least haven’t changed their email since August 22, 2011. Which is how far back the records from off the top of my head go.

Jay Janson
Jason Baier
Shannon Bardole
Scott Degeneffe
Corey Faust
Susanna Funk
Jill Gorshe
Jesse Howard
Sara Lockner
Teresa Kahler
Nader Parsaei
Becky Perkovich
Bernice Verhoorn
Janice Peterson

Suzie Brannen – Since June 22, 2012
Eric Hiatt – Since August 20, 2012
Kim Barker – Since September 18, 2012
Amy Junck-Wallendal – December 18, 2012
Russell Kennerly – Since May 13, 2013
Tim Tucker (Not the one most of you are thinking about) – Since June 27, 2013
Michelle Haupt – Since July 12, 2013
Tim Tucker’s Woman (Sorry, never caught her name) – Since August 22, 2013
Geri Derner – Since September 30, 2013
Micky Augustin – Since October 10, 2013
Angie DeWaard – Since August 24, 2015
Mike Vest – Since September 9, 2015
Melissa Degeneffe – Since September 14, 2015
DaeHee Yoon – Since September 29, 2015
Monica Kewer – Since October 2, 2015 (Current email)
Carla Stensland – Since October 5, 2015
Joe Lynch – Since October 9, 2015
Jorge Rios – Since October 9, 2015
Anders Runestad – Since October 11, 2015
Elizabeth Nordeen – Since November 2, 2015
Laura Miller – Since November 9, 2015
Michael Houlihan – Since November 16, 2015
Dawn Krause – Since December 21, 2015
Joe Duff – Since December 21, 2015

Thanks for all the support and for making 2015 a successful year, by some sense of the word. I hope our little family here continues to grow. I’ll try and do better in 2016!

RWPE Y2 #33 – FEET

The submissions for FEET:

Geri Derner

Cathie Raley A

Cathie Raley B

Cathie Raley C

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest A

Mike Vest B

Julie Johnson

The theme for next week is:


This is a twist on a theme from last year, so there isn’t a need for a look back.

I don’t want to get arrogant, (since my last attempt was a complete and utter failure) but I will hopefully be on vacation in Minnesota at this time next week. Therefore I will probably not be near a computer and able to publish your submissions. So what will publish at this time next week will just be the theme for the following week. I will publish any submissions later in the week when I return.


There were a few submissions for GAMES. Here they are:

Mike Vest

Shannon Bardole

Geri Derner

Christopher D. Bennett

My picture may be confusing, but believe me, I only had time for one kind “game” this past week.

I’ve been to the Random Generator and it has spit out the following theme for this week:




Here is a look at last year’s submissions:





A few weeks ago, Shawn designed a logo for me. The logo looks something like this:

The logo is just one of the changes being made or have been made to the website. The following changes have been made:

  •  The logo has been added to the header.
  • 11 new header images have been created.
  • The weather forecast for Boone, Iowa has been added to the Calendar.
  • A miniature slideshow has been added to the sidebar of the About, Contact, Calendar, and Downloads pages.
  • I have (with the assistance and nudging of Shawn) created a Photography 139 Facebook page. In order to get my own URL, I have to have 25 people “Like” it.  You can help me in accomplishing this task by going to virtually any page (except the Store and galleries) and clicking on the little “Like” link located in the sidebar.
  • I have added a Google+ link to virtually every page on the website. So if you are on Google+ and like a Journal entry and want to share it with other people, you only need to click on the +1 icon in the sidebar and it will appear in your Buzz section.
  • At the bottom of every single journal entry (individual page),  there is a Tweet icon.  If you really like a journal entry, you can click on this icon and it will Tweet a link to this page for you.
  • On the Home page there is a slideshow tentatively entitled “Pictures of the Month”.  That title will change and it will eventually be a slideshow of my most recent photos.
  • Underneath my Twitter Feed in the Journal, I have added a link to make it easier for you to follow my numerous brilliant outbursts on Twitter by clicking the Follow icon.

These are changes that are coming down the pipe. Some are partially implemented. Some are not.

  • The Artistic Gallery and the Snapshots Gallery are being retired.  They will still exist, but I will not be adding new images to them and they will not be accessible through the Navigation Bar at the top of the website.  You will still be able to access them with a direct URL, at least for the foreseeable future. There just isn’t a reason to continue these galleries with the advent of the Store.
  • Pictures for Journal Entries will be housed in the Store, rather than in the galleries.  The benefit is that the images will be larger and you will be able to click on an image and get even a larger image.  This doesn’t cover all images.  Some of the images that are published in The Archives just aren’t big enough to utilize this enhancement.  The same goes for the Slice of Life pictures.  But virtually all other images will benefit from this new feature when it is implemented fully.
  • Email subscription deliveries will be handled by the website directly.  Currently, the website emails me and then I email everybody that has subscribed via email.   Last time I attempted this, there were some bugs in the system. However, this is an advantage to you because you won’t have to wait for me to crawl out of bed (or in the case of this weekend when I will be out of state), you won’t have to wait for my return to get your high quality Photography 139 content.  I should point out that I write my blogs up to 2 months in advance.  So if I’m struck by lightning and die at some point in the near future and you keep getting emails from me. It is an act of technology, I’m not talking to you from the other side. Of course, if you want to subscribe via email, you just have to drop me a line at

RWPE Y2 #7 – Silence

SILENCE did not keep people from being silent. There were a healthy amount of submissions this week. Here are the submissions for SILENCE:

Dawn Krause of Impassioned Versifier

Geri Derner

Christopher D. Bennett

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey

Carla Stensland

Mike Vest of Waxen Media

Mike and I fired up the Random Theme Generator and it fired out a kind of consumerist theme for this week:


You can take a look back at last year’s submissions for MARKET by clicking on the link below:

MARKET – 2010

It is a good broad theme that might push the comfort levels of some people. I hope this is another great week for participation!

RWPE #37 – Hope

I’m very excited to announce that there were 3 brand new first time contributors. Shannon Bardole, Angie Dewaard and Geri Derner all contributed photos for the first time ever. Hopefully they will find it addictive and become regular contributors.

Here are this week’s submissions for HOPE:

Mike Vest

Geri Derner A

Geri Derner B

Dawn Krause

Shannon Bardole

Angie DeWaard

Christopher D. Bennett

Looks like Dawn has gotten back on the writing horse! Here is her poetry contribution:

Walls Against Hope

Hope is a diabolical trade
it sets the heart and soul to be played
a chance for broken dreams to be filled
compromising the soul to be killed

If I told you how I felt today
would you take those thoughts and run away
or would you stay to comfort my heart
and give me reason to trust our start

The music sounds different to my soul
there’s part of you that makes me whole
If my heart trusts to reveal that thought
would the fulfillment be all I’ve sought

Walls against hope are in our nature
keep us from rising up in stature
Secret desires, wishes to fill
to let them out is a bitter pill

I’ve been down to the cave where the Random Theme Generator is housed. I answered its riddle and it gave me the theme for this week:


This is another great and easy theme. After all, everybody has a face or at least they know somebody that has a face. I hope to see many contributions next week. Hopefully some new faces as well. (Terrible pun intended.)


I did the publicity stills for the latest community theater production by ACTORS. This is what they look like:

Shannon Bardole – Props

Troy Rutter – Director

Odie John Lofton – Light Tech

Jane Johnson – “Dolly”

Jennifer Nieland – “Nedra”

John VanWaes – “Steve”

Janette Woodard – Costumes

Melissa Krepfle – “Heidi”

Cheryl Rogers – “Ethel”

Christopher D. Bennett – Photographer (Photo by Shannon Bardole)

Dean Stevens – “William”

Geri Derner – Co-Producer

Jairus Davis – “Bill”

Amanda Green – “Kathy”

Barb Lofton – Stage Manager

Belinda Merritt – Co-Producer

Ben Smith – “Larry”

Brian Parrish – “Brad”

The play is called Game Show. It is playing Friday and Saturday nights, plus Sunday afternoons from April 9 through April 25. Tickets run you $15.00, cheap!

Also, I get 2 free tickets, so if you are interested, let me know.

Plus if you go on certain nights, you can meet people who were on actual game shows. Including a couple people that were on that Survivor show. Plus the woman that is married to that weather guy on channel 8.