2010-03-17, 2010-03-20, & 2010-03-25

Covering 3 folders in this walk down to Memory Lane since a couple of them had barely any pictures in them. The pictures in the folders 2010-03-17, 2010-03-20, and 2010-03-25 involve mostly a series of publicity stills I took for an ACTORS production and a cruise around Boone County I took with Jay.

A Clockwork Couch


Geri Derner

Odie John Lofton

Cheryl Rogers

Melissa Krepfle

Amanda Green

Belinda Merritt

Josh Van Waes

Troy Rutter

Lanette Woodard

Jarius Davis

Toons Promo

Shannon Bardole

Christopher D. Bennett

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase

This collection of pictures really made me want to support local arts more. I don’t know that was ever supportive of the local arts in a way I should. I want to go see some community theater productions. I want to go see live local music. When this virus gets managed, I think this is one of my goals. One of the things I want to do. Support some local artists!

By adding these pictures to the Photography 139 Gallery, I was able to restore the following historic “An Artist’s Notebook” entries to their original glory:

RWPE #11 – Motion

A Clockwork Couch


Wild Goose Chase

Next Saturday’s walk down memory lane will involve Shannon and Jill. But not together.