Meat in a Can

This a journal entry that is bound to be of very little interest to most, but a little general housekeeping must be done.

The website has been hit by small amounts of Spam lately. I have had to make a couple of small and not that regrettable changes to prevent this from happening in the future.

There are not many people that leave comments on this Journal, but the handful of people that do will notice that they will have to fill out a little CAPTCHA form to leave a comment now. This is not meant to dissuade people from leaving comments. In fact, having comments left on the Journal is one of my favorites. This little added security procedure will prevent me from having to delete unwanted and unnecessary advertisements.

The other change can be found in the LINK DELETED and the LINK DELETED. People can no longer register themselves through the galleries. The galleries became very popular with a couple of big spamming companies and spending time deleting unwanted users was becoming tedious.

Therefore, if anybody would like a Username and password to have access to the extra features of the gallery, you will need to write me at I will gladly set you up with an account, so that you can enjoy the extra features of the galleries that come with membership:


I understand these to not be the most popular features out there (only 1 picture has ever warranted a comment and only 20 or so pictures have been rated), but I still hope that they will catch on at some point.