RWPE #18 – Wild

Here are the submissions for last week’s theme – WILD:

Dawn Krause A

Dawn Krause B

Michael Vest of Waxen Media

Christopher D. Bennett

Carla Stensland

Julie Johnson of The Joy is in the Journey

There were a couple of late submissions for FEET. They can be seen on the FEET post:


The Random Theme Generator has been generating and this morning it spit out the following theme:


The best definition of LEADING LINES is a photo with very strong lines in the composition that lead the viewers eyes through the photograph. A simple example would be almost any picture of railroad tracks or of a highway. A viewer will naturally follow lines through a photography, so it is a powerful compositional tool to put your subject at the end of lines.

Below are a couple of examples of LEADING LINES:

2009 - Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Nominee

2009 - Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Nominee

Wild Goose Chase

2009 - Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Nominee


Des Moines Regatta - 2009

Remember, the lines don’t have to be straight. An “S” Curve in an image is a very powerful compositional tool. Of course, as always, no reason to be too literal with the theme.

2 thoughts on “RWPE #18 – Wild”

  1. I keep looking at the birds from different angles – they’re just so very, very tiny. I can’t believe you were able to get that close without an angry mama bird in your face.

    I really like the examples you’re using for leading lines, too – I can’t wait to see the actual submission.

  2. The angry mama bird was definitely around. Just not quite in my face.

    I would say that there is a fair chance that my picture will be phoned in this week. Since I’m having the birthday barbecue thing on Saturday I’m pretty much stuck cleaning the house and yard almost all week. So I’m sure whatever I do won’t be very impressive.

    I should add that you and Jon would be more than welcome to show up on Saturday if you weren’t on bed rest.

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