Vacation Day 9A – Some Color

I’m going to split my final day of vacation into two posts due to what could be a large amount of photos.

After church on Sunday I went with my Mom to Northwest Greenhouse to get new flowers for the yard. I prefer perennials because I don’t really want to keep planting flowers every year, but I know that I have to have a certain amount of annuals to fill out my flower boxes, buckets, onion containers and various other miscellaneous flower holders.

We hung out with Mr. Salama for a small period of time. I was able to leave there with a testimony about how wonderful my Mom is from Mr. Salama and I stayed a good $40 bucks under my flower budget. (Although I also got a bonus this past Sunday when I scored a collection of free yellow and peach lilies and a couple of primroses at church. Now I just need to make the coneflower and daisy transfers from my Mom’s house and I will be practically done with flower planting for the year. Okay, I will probably make a couple of purchases as the Arboretum’s annual lily sale though…)

Here are some pictures of my Mom and Alexis planting my purchases from Northwest Greenhouse.

Alexis used to hate getting her picture taken. Now when she senses that her picture is being taken she stops what she is doing and poses. A little annoying.

6 thoughts on “Vacation Day 9A – Some Color”

  1. At least I have your respect. Shannon sent me an email that went something like this:

    “So someone else planted your flowers for you? Please tell me you at least got your hands dirty on this project…”

    It is called division of labor. It is what “leaders” do.

  2. It’s hard to compete with someone who used to have to churn butter by hand and create the brooms she used to sweep. One will almost always lose a domestic battle with her. 🙂

  3. This is not at all related to gardens, but we are watching The Karate Kid right now, and it made me think of you. Daniel just meets that guy friend of his, who is wearing a T-shirt of two pigs having relations, and the shirt says “Makin Bacon”? It reminded me a little of the frog photo, but I also don’t understand how it belonged in a teen movie…

  4. In one of those weird quirk of fates thing, earlier on the day that you posted The Karate Kid comment, I ordered The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part II on Blu-Ray.

    They came out on Blu-Ray on Tuesday, but I couldn’t find it in any store around here so I had to order it from Amazon. It is supposed to arrive in my mailbox on Wednesday and I am very excited.

    Sara concluded her most recent semester on Saturday and next Saturday we are having a movie day. The highlight will be The Karate Kid. Somehow, she has never seen this movie. I’m trying to talk Derrick and Jen into coming over for The Karate Kid portion of the movie because Jen has also never seen this classic of the cinema.

  5. That’s really, really coincidental. I wonder if that’s why it was on TV this past weekend?

    I’m shocked that they haven’t seen it! Ralph Macchio wasn’t quite Kirk Cameron or a Corey on the “girl scale” back in the late 80s, but he was at least a Matt Dillon-type. I think I even saw the one with Hilary Swank (which does not make me proud).

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