I think that anybody that has spent an extensive time with me knows the location of my favorite bridge. Despite being the scene of a tragedy, my love of that bridge has actually increased recently as it has become a community art project of some kind.

I don’t really like graffiti, but at the same time I love folk art. I like to think what has happened to this bridge is more folk art and less graffiti, but I’m truly not an expert on either subject. I don’t know why what has happened on this bridge has happened, but I love it.

Something that can’t really be seen in the pictures is that somebody has put an office chair in one of the bridge’s support columns. That would be an awesome place for a Spring through Fall office.

3 thoughts on “Adumbrate”

  1. I had never heard the story of that tragedy – and Shan and I were just talking about her Locks of Love donation a couple of weeks ago over fried pickles!

    That bridge is gorgeous – I especially love the somewhat rainbow pattern of the slats in the first couple of pictures. Don’t love the “redrum” graffiti, but the rest of that is just awesome. I didn’t even know the bridge had gone that route.

  2. Is that at Brookside? I haven’t wandered that park in 20 years, ever since a dear friend had to save me from being accosted by a hobo, but I do seem to recall that bridge.

    It definitely looks deeper than graffiti, folk art does seem a rather fitting description of your photos. I particularly like the one proclaiming “this is your canvas”.

    Intriguing… I think I will add the park to my places to explore this summer list.

  3. Angie,

    I think it still pains Shannon too much too talk about the tragedy of that day.

    The “redrum” thing is regrettable, but I just like to think it is the work of a well intentioned StanleyKubrick fan. The amazing thing is that on the bridge there is next to no drug art. There is some, but not as much as is on the road bridge that is just a few feet away.

    Also surprising since I know that this is definitely a stoner hangout.


    That is Brookside. If I was ever almost accosted by a hobo I wouldn’t wait 20 years to go back. I would be back every single day.

    But I love hobos. I have been to the Hobo National Museum I love hobos so much. They are clearly superior to tramps. Don’t get me started on bums!

    Although I don’t like Yeggs.

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