RWPE #22 – Painting with Light

Last week’s theme really fired the imagination of some contributors as multiple people submitted multiple images for PAINTING WITH LIGHT.

Mike Vest A

Mike Vest B

Christopher D. Bennett

Carla Stensland A

Carla Stensland B

Dawn Krause A

Dawn Krause B

Justin Whitaker

Dawn Weekly Poem

Painting with Light

Oh the ache
and cold of the dark
A searing pain
has left it’s mark

Gloomy days with
impending doom
Lead us toward our
eventual tomb

Wait for the light
to paint the sky
Raise my spirits
and hopes to fly

Cradle my heart
in His warm hands
With promise of
happier lands

The Random Generator has been randomizing and it has spit out this week’s theme:


To answer the inevitable question- “No, you can’t take my picture for this theme.”

Housekeeping Note

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3 thoughts on “RWPE #22 – Painting with Light”

  1. These are all awesome. My initial thought was like Mike’s B picture, but these all bent the definition. Great week.

  2. Carla is in possession of the Bennett photography gene. I hope she keeps contributing.

    I was surprised by the amount of submissions. It is what I consider to be the most difficult theme of all 52.

    Means there will probably very few submissions this week.

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