There were a ton of pictures in the folder 2010-06-13. Some were from Johnathan’s Graduation Open House. Some were from Shannon’s Birthday Camping Trip. Others were of frogs. Even others were of insects. It is a truly great folder!

Shannon Birthday Camping - 2010

Shannon Birthday Camping - 2010

Shannon Birthday Camping - 2010

Shannon Birthday Camping - 2010

Use and Virtue

Frog with Tail

Personal Photo Project No. 28 Alternate

Personal Photo Project No. 28 Alternate

Personal Photo Project No. 28 Alternate

Personal Photo Project No. 28 Alternate

Personal Photo Project No. 28 Alternate

Personal Photo Project No. 28 Alternate

Personal Photo Project of the Week #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project of the Week #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project #30 Alternate

Personal Photo Project of the Week #30

Johnathan's Graduation Open House - 2010

Johnathan's Graduation Open House - 2010

Johnathan's Graduation Open House - 2010

Johnathan's Graduation Open House - 2010

Johnathan's Graduation Open House - 2010

By adding these pictures to the Photography 139 Gallery, I was able to restore the following historic “An Artist’s Notebook” entries to their original glory:




Next Saturday’s walk down memory lane will, at the very least, be STRONG.

18 thoughts on “2010-06-13”

  1. As much as I don’t actually love bugs, I adore bug photos. These are great – you should do a whole bug calendar.

  2. Bugs, or insects as those of us who love them, are amongst the most fascinating creatures on earth. Plus as humans continue to overpopulate the earth, insects are the best chance to save humanity. In 50 years, maybe sooner, humans are going to have to make insects a major source of our protein because our current model of agriculture is not sustainable.

    Thinks about this:

    “Crickets contain 2 to 3 times more complete protein than a beef steak on the same weight basis. Crickets will also give you more iron, more vitamins, and more fiber. In addition, a cricket steak represents a huge ecological advantage, compared to a beef one. It has a smaller impact on the planet: its production requires 12 times less feed resources and about 2000 times less water. It is also at the origin of 100 times less greenhouse gas emissions. The cricket steak widely wins this face to face!”

    If you’ve been feeding crickets to a pet turtle or snake, you are a sucker. You should be sucking those bad boys down. Let the suckers eat their unhealthy cow steak.

    The only meat out there that is remotely as healthy for you as eating edible insects is fish. As fate would have it, there is an Ames woman that is selling edible insects:


    All of that being said, I think an insect calendar would be profoundly unpopular.

  3. This was one of the most unsettling responses to a blog post you’ve ever written. Smart and forward-thinking, but unsettling to imagine.

    I’ve heard of them! I was going to see if they would come to STEM Night at the children’s school last year, and then COVID. I think it would be fascinating to hear her talk to kids.

    It might be unpopular, true. It’s a little easier to hang flowers on the hall of your office. But less interesting.

  4. I don’t know why it is unsettling. Have you ever had crickets? Delicious!

    But if we don’t start making plans soon, we’ll be even more screwed than we already are because of our inactivity on global warming.

    The more I think about it, humans are morons that aren’t worthy of eating the noble cricket. They should be eating us.

    In fact, that is my campaign slogan for when I run for political office:

    Bennett – Human Race leaning into being insect food.

    It isn’t that catchy. I’ll work on it.

    That would be a great speaker and especially if she brought samples. Looking around the website, the prices are not cheap. But you should pay a premium to eat healthy, right?

    Oh you shouldn’t? Everybody should be able to afford healthy food. Whatever, dude.

    Unrelated, I really hate the term “Food Insecurity”. Just say people are starving. Cut to the chase. Reminds me of the George Carlin sketch on how the term shellshock became Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  5. I really, really am so relieved to be getting back into the Paris Climate Accorde, etc. – although it’s nowhere enough. You’re not wrong, there’s a reason they eventually call us “worm food.” Bugs are trying to help heal the planet as fast as we are trying to destroy it.

    I hate the term “food insecurity,” too. I made a food-teaching night for the kids’ school last year. I brought in some places that would give demonstrations on cooking healthy snacks, and then I brought in food pantries because our school is one of the two with the highest lunch-assistance rates. I had to call it “food insecurity,” but the simple matter is that these poor children are starving.

  6. “It was a cool and lonely breezy afternoon
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)
    You could feel it ’cause it was the month of June
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)
    So I left my gate and went out for a walk
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)
    As I pass the dreadlocks’ camp I heard them say
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)

    So I stopped to find out what was going on
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)
    ‘Cause the spirit of Jah, you know he leads you on
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)
    There was a ring of dreads and a session was there in swing
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)
    You could feel the chill as I seen and heard them say
    (How does it feel when you got no food?)

    Pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side (I say)
    Pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side
    It a go bun, give me music, make me jump and prance
    It a go dung, give me the music, make me rockin’ at the dance (Jah know!)”

    Just heard this song on the radio. Seemed apropos for some reason.

    I love the fact that Greta Thunberg referred to it as the Pittsburgh Climate Agreement to taunt seditionist and otherwise terrible human being in Ted Cruz.

    I love how we destroy our environment to protect coal miners, when check this out, in Pittsburgh, way more people work in the renewable energy industry and it is better for us economically to transition as many as people to the industry.

    I feel bad for coal miners, but the fact is that their industry is dying and with the proper training, they can make the transition to clean energy jobs. There is really nothing the government can do to keep their industry from dying, but delay the inevitable.

    I’m sure it makes people that are worried about that their next meal that it is just insecurity they are feeling and that noise coming from their stomach is just anxiety.

    Kind of like so many voted for Trump because of “economic anxiety”. It wasn’t because they were racists worrying about losing “their” country and sure as hell were never voted for a woman.

  7. I haven’t heard “Pass the Dutchie” in YEARS – probably last time was on an “I Love the 80s” VH1 special I had on when I was sick. That’s amazing that you heard it on the radio. It’s entirely accurate, though. I forgot how smart it was behind that happy little ditty.

    God bless Greta Thunberg. I love that she has no qualms about showing up these turds who are opportunists and selfish jackholes. She doesn’t back down from a single argument, and I love it. And Cruz is pure evil. I feel certain that I’ve told you this before, and I shouldn’t be proud of him for it, but Cruz was at the state fair in 2014. I was wicked pregnant with Charlie, and so Jon and my parents took Alice. She was up on his shoulders as they walked by, and Jon yelled, “Go back to Canada.” Some would question that parenting move, but I am all-in on it. Point out that moron’s immigrant policies. I hate so many of them so much.

    I also feel bad for coal miners – but yeah, anyone can learn a new skill or trade. It keeps your brain young, and surely installing turbines or similar would be better on their bodies. I would not WANT to keep coal mining.

  8. Frequently I listen to 93.3 on Sunday mornings. They play classic editions of Casey Kasem’s Top 40. So that was how it happened to be on the radio. We used to listen to that on family road trips, so it is very nostalgic for me. Sometimes I listen to the current AT Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest. Just kind of depends on my mood, but it is nostalgia either way.

    You have to feel bad for Ted Cruz though. His wife is just so damn ugly and his dad. Well his dad was both the Zodiac killer and in on the assassination of JFK. It is really no wonder that Rafael Edward Cruz didn’t end up having a soul.

    No matter how gross you think his politics are and how utterly devoid of anything that one could call a moral compass, the worst part of him might be his beard.

    I once read an article about how absolutely everybody in Congress just hates Ted Cruz. Republicans. Democrats. Pages. He is just a terrible human being. That was a while ago, so perhaps Hawley likes him now.

    So I also support Jon’s move. 1000%.

    If the Democrats didn’t completely screw Iowa over and we lose the Iowa Caucuses, I might have to go see our boy Rafael speak when he comes to Iowa. But only if he shaves that horrible beard.

    I don’t think there is a worse job than coal mining because of what it does to your body. Which is why I call my place of employment the Computer Mine. I like the facade of having it rough. But you know, wind turbines kill birds. So it is kind of a wash. Clean coal or renewable energy. I just can’t figure out what is better…

    I need to watch the Greta documentary. I keep forgetting to do that.

  9. I remember sitting in the back of the car listening to that with my mom and Scott. So the nostalgia is a little less rose-colored, but I get it! It’s a snapshot of about 1984 right there.

    I have to assume even his hideous wife hates Ted Cruz – but likes the money he brings in via his Satanic rituals. He’s honestly just such absolute garbage. It is horrifying to think there is anyone that devoid of morals out there, and that somehow they got to the level of running for frigging president. It’s mind-blowing. And he does have just the greasiest, most awful beard on earth. And his little stupid Eddie Munster overall vibe. It probably is not a coincidence he dressed his poor daughters to dress up like the twins from The Shining: https://media2.s-nbcnews.com/i/newscms/2015_52/1351411/151223-ted-cruz-0416_a514e42c32fe97b7d59be79bd91c56ce.jpg

    I have no idea why we are holding on so closely to a job that just riddles your body with cancer and other countless diseases (if you can avoid the cave-ins). I need to watch that, too! I need to introduce Alice a little harder to Greta.

  10. Also back in the day, Casey Kasem’s was a prime opportunity to tape that song you really liked, but were too poor to actually purchase. Plus, strangely, sometimes the Long Distance Dedications still give me goosebumps. I also, it is weird finding out what song you thought was a big hit, never did that well on the charts and what song you can’t remember at all, apparently was a huge smash.

    I’m surprised Ted Cruz didn’t dress his kids like anchor babies. To be honest, I’m not sure Ted Cruz had children. Did they adopt? Cause as you know, Ted Cruz’s wife is very ugly. A fact that he does not contest while licking Trump’s boots. Plus, he is also not much too look at. Maybe even worse without the beard. I just can’t imagine an act of procreation between two such unfortunate people.

    Since his dad is the Zodiac killer, maybe he did the deed for Ted.

    I started watching the Greta documentary last night. It does start out really slow, but about 25 minutes in it starts to pick up. Haven’t finished it yet though.

  11. I can’t believe I never tried to tape off of Casey Kasem. That would have been way more effective than just trying to catch the beginning (which is what I would do on KKEZ, Fort Dodge). There is something beautiful about a long distance dedication – I don’t listen to radio a ton, mostly Spotify, but remember scanning through a few months ago while I was driving at night and catching that Delilah chick. Who is still apparently on, or doing reruns or something, when someone came on and did a dedication. It gave me legitimate tingles down my spine. Isn’t that fascinating to see how some real turds of songs were huge, but some that are either great or that have had much more staying power just never made it high? Like – I love REM. I go back and look at some of their biggest hits, and none of them ever really were as huge as I thought. Even “Losing My Religion” only hit #4.

    I’m trying to figure out if they adopted, and legitimately can’t tell. But I did find out that he likes Godfather Part III, so that says quite a bit right there (https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/04/ted-cruzs-daughter-schools-candidate-taylor-swift/ ). I cannot imagine how screwed up his daughters are going to be. What would Alice be learning if someone called me ugly or worse, and Jon not only didn’t defend me, but kissed that person’s butt and defended them constantly? Not to say how it would make me feel – but what is more important is the TERRIBLE message he’s sending his daughters. It’s awful. He’s a terrible, puffy, awful, cruel human being.

    I am going to figure out where to watch it! It’s amazing that a girl so young can inspire her own documentary.

    I’ll have to watch that next. In preparation for going to Paris sometime, I’ve been trying to watch movies about Paris – so I started Moulin Rouge! for the first time last night while putting C to sleep. But I watched it on my iPad, which made my head and brain hurt because obviously it was a visual overstimulation, so I put it down before too long. I just need to watch that on a full screen.

  12. Another radio show I used to tape on the regular was… Back in the day when it was called… I think… Q102, they had a show every night called Top Ten at Ten, where they would play the 10 most requested songs of the day. Now that makes me wonder, can you still call a radio station and give requests. Or is that impossible since all radio station programming is controlled by some corporate boardroom where ever iHeart Radio is located?

    The struggle with taping off the radio was, is this DJ going to talk over the intro or the end of the song! There was a time when I though the dual tape deck with “high speed” dubbing was the greatest invention of the history of man. It would never get better than that.

    Incidentally, there is a real annoying line in 13 REASONS WHY, where they say that the reason the girl that committed suicide recorded everything on tape is because it “sounded better”. Nobody in history ever made that claim. Records sounded better than tapes. Tapes were just popular because you could transport them any where without worrying about them melting in the sun and they were fairly indestructible. But they sounded like crap. Don’t lie to kids just because they don’t know any better. Also, I have my doubts that her parents’ store still sold blank audio tapes.

    Although, looks like you can get a 5 pack of Maxell for $11.09 on Amazon. So somebody is still making them. I’m not sure I even have a functioning tape player any longer. I think the one in my bedroom works. I’ll test and report back.

    Delilah. That brings me back to working at the Boone Outpost of the Evil Clown Empire. Monica used to listen to that show while doing dishes. I hated it so much because it was SO melodramatic. I used to call is “Songs to Commit Suicide To”. But maybe I’m a softer person now then I was back then. Certainly less angry.

    I recently started to listen to radio much more. And I’m fairly regimented about it. Weirdly.

    During the work week, I listen to Life 107.1 (but actually 96.1) to help center myself for the day. I listen to that from 7 until 11 AM. The afternoon can be anything though, from the radio to podcasts to music on my computer.

    Saturday mornings I listen to NPR. Then I also like to listen to NPR in the afternoon for Back Tracks. Although they changed the time that is on and I’m not a fan.

    Then on Sunday mornings I listen either the throwback countdown or the current countdown.

    When I road trip (like out of the state or to part of the state that doesn’t get Des Moines stations) I like to listen to local radio to try to get a sense of where I am. Sometimes, it isn’t good. I do listen to lots of podcast when I road trip though.

    I wonder if somebody will tell Ted Cruz’s daughters that there is zero chance Taylor Swift will ever make an appearance at anything Ted Cruz related. Or will they have to figure that one out on their own.

    The one thing, I think you are missing with Ted Cruz is, you think he loves his daughters and wife at all. He only loves himself. As far as a sociopath.

    I do think he has a weird thing for AOC though. Which I get, she is a total smokeshow, but I think he is better off going home to his wife and kids that he doesn’t love.

    But we’ll always have his “vote your conscience” speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Right Ted?

    Yeah, Baz Luhrmann. Not one of my favorites.

    I’m definitely not an expert on Paris movies, but I would recommend FUNNY FACE. Also, I have watched on episode of EMILY IN PARIS. I can’t recommend or not recommend it, but it does exist. I can report back after a couple more episodes. But it is made by the same guy that made SEX AND THE CITY.

  13. I remember when it was Q102! It’s sort of the analog of today’s 107.5? It was one of the few Des Moines stations I could get up in Ft Dodge. That and KGGO. Is KGGO still a thing? It pisses me off that 105.1 is now all sports radio, and that almost all of it is national. It’s not like it really matters – like you said, I don’t think there are any local people doing the programming, they’re just doing the intros and outros. I’m going to guess that just the small, small town stations are maybe the only ones where you can do a request anymore. iHeart Radio has effectively killed rock and hip hop radio – I think even 93.3 sold out? I may be wrong. All our stations are pretty much one of the main preset formats they have nationwide, I believe.

    YES! You’d always get at least four words of the DJ over the beginning of the song, even if you tried to record some dead air at the beginning over it. The “high speed” dubbing left even worse audio quality, but it was so convenient. But you’re correct – 13 Reasons Why has some ridiculous nostalgia going there, tapes never sounded good for any reason at all. They were more portable than records and allowed you to listen in your car. They went away as soon as literally anything else came along that could do the same and not sound like crap. The move to CDs was rapid, as soon as players became at all attainable in price.

    I’m surprised blank tapes are so low. When we had Maddie’s funeral, our church recorded it on audio cassettes and gave the tape to us, so we bought an OG Walkman to play it in. That’s all we have, a pair of crappy headphones and one tape. But that meant they had to find tapes somewhere (it WAS in 2009, however, so maybe there were more available then).

    Delilah was awful. SO saccharine. My mom liked her, and some older woman who was a trainer at CDS. I couldn’t take it (I am a bit too cynical, I think). I had paused because I was honestly shocked she’s still apparently around (or her recordings are still being aired). I’m not really angry, but it’s still terrible.

    Was 96.1 the Christian rock station out of Boone in the 90s? I loved that station, and looked for it a few years ago and couldn’t find it. I think that’s a really great way to start your day, and puts you in a great mindset for the rest of it!

    I really only listen to radio in the car – but have never thought about listening to local stations while traveling! I mostly listen to Spotify at home, and on road trips. One of my methods of procrastinating from something I don’t want to do is to make a playlist. I also listen to most of my podcasts there. I’m a really moody music listener, though, which is what I like about Spotify – it can cater to any mood. NPR is awesome, and so I do try to listen to that whenever I’m around an actual radio. Jon was a radio DJ in northern Iowa and then at UNI in his teens/early 20s, so he can answer why DJs insist on talking over songs for us. He also irrationally still remembers the length of certain songs, as they can backfill to a news break or whatever. It’s a specifically useless skill in his daily life now.

    That’s a good point – I do believe it is accurate that you call Ted a sociopath. I think he truly only cares about getting what he wants, and has no morals about doing anything to get there. Did you see AOC just drag him when he puppy-dogged after her about Robinhood trading this week? It was AMAZING. And good for her – call his stupid face out on trying to get near her (and simultaneously try and win points with the left). I honestly don’t know if he really understands what a conscience is.

    Watched the rest of Moulin Rouge. It was still not my jam, even on a bigger screen. There wasn’t really anything unique at all about the story, the music was just okay, and it was sensory overload. All of that may be indicative of the actual Moulin Rouge, but I wasn’t probably planning on going to a whorehouse, anyway. I’m glad I didn’t offend you by saying I wasn’t enjoying it – I know some people who are super into Baz Luhrmann. His version of Gatsby didn’t have the heart I wanted it to have, just the glitz. R+J was fine, but the soundtrack was really the main reason to watch that…

    YOU ROCK! I had Funny Face on my short list – I’ve also never seen it! I’ve heard of Emily in Paris but know nothing at all about it. I think a few episodes of Sex and the City’s last season were in Paris, because I remember flipping by one time and saw Mikhail Baryshnikov there with Sarah Jessica Parker. I think I will stick with Funny Face.

    Is Amelie good? An American In Paris? What was another I saw on the lists… I think I saw Sabrina already in high school, but don’t remember it (I don’t even remember if I saw the original or the Richard Gere version, or both). Probably need to watch Les Mis. Maybe read it first. I’ve read Phantom and we saw the musical, but not sure if there is a movie (I think there was about a decade ago?).

  14. I do believe KGGO is still a thing. I do stumble across it occasionally when I’m working on photo projects in the office at night. I think they play a syndicated show by Alice Cooper or maybe it is Dee Snider. Heck, maybe it is both that is kind of entertaining if you don’t take it too seriously. Unfortunately, I think they still play Bob & Tom in the morning. Not going to swear in a court of law on that, but I think I came across that the other day.

    I wish 93.3 still played oldies from the 50-60s. May have already said that.

    I remember when I made the move to CDs. I was going to only make the move for classical music. Cause that was the only type of music where the quality difference mattered. Yeah, that move lasted maybe 3 months before I was buying only CDs and starting to replace my essential cassettes. My original CD player finally died recently. That thing made it over 30 years.

    You know, you can digitize Maddie’s service pretty easy. Just have to run an audio cable from the tape player to the mic output on a computer. Then there is an opensource audio editing program called Audacity that will record it. Yeah, the sound quality isn’t going to get any better, but at least if something happens to the tape, you still have it.

    There is something that is reassuring about her still being around. I’m going to have to look to see if it is reruns or if she is still putting out new content. I was quietly devastated when IPR stopped playing Car Talk re-runs. I know that the car information was getting outdated, but nobody listened to the show for the car information. Probably.

    One thing that is annoying about NPR is that Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa all play the Saturday morning shows at the same time. So when I’m on a Saturday road trip to one of those places, when I lose IPR and have to start listening to NPR from a different state, I often miss the end of a show and then the next show is something I’ve already listened to. They should make a law.

    The Christian station in Boone was 99.3. It was KFGQ, but looks like it is KTIA. It is based out of Des Moines now.

    96.1 is LIFE 107.1. They actually broadcast on 3 frequencies because none of them are that strong. 96.1 is the one that comes in, in Boone. It is owned by a college in Saint Paul. I can’t tell you much else about it, other than they play a pretty good mix of music. There is also no commercials. So sometimes, I think it is weird when I go to a commercial station and they are playing commercials.

    Also something that is creepy as hell is when you go down the dial and all the iHeart stations are playing the exact same station. Bow to your corporate overlords!

    I love that Jon has that knowledge. I’m sure I have much useless knowledge from works ingrained in my head. Like stock numbers for products at the Evil Clown Empire.

    AOC drags Ted Cruz all the time and he always comes back for more. He’s got it bad.

    I actually did a picture that was inspired my FUNNY FACE once. One thing about FUNNY FACE is that Audrey Hepburn is like 22 in it and Fred Astaire is like 75. But he is a photographer, so we look past such things. There is some crazy, zany stuff in there. Particularly Hepburn’s dance number in the bar. Just insane.

    And I’ll add, one of the few portrayals of a photographer where the photographer isn’t depicted as creepy. I mean, yes there is the age discrepancy, but I think they are trying to play it off like they are about the same age. Not like GIGI where the age difference is put in your face, like it is no big deal. That being said, you should consider adding GIGI to your list. It did win Best Picture.

    I just finished watching all 6 seasons of SEX AND THE CITY and both movies. So I’m somewhat of an expert on that. The last 2 episodes of SEX AND THE CITY take place in Paris. I think Darren Star might have a thing for Paris. Big moves to Paris, fueling their first beak-up. Then Carrie moves to Paris to be with The Russian. I’m taking the easy way out for spelling her name.

    She spends the last two episodes there, before she realizes that The Russian can’t give her the kind of love that she wants. Meanwhile, Big goes to Paris to try to win Carrie back. Which of course he does, and she moves back to New York City.

    The Russian is an interesting character, but I didn’t like him at all. Not as much as I despised the guy from OFFICE SPACE’s character. He was the absolute worst.

    Now Darren Star’s new show EMILY IN PARIS takes place in Paris. Where I think he always wanted to be.

    I’m somewhat in the minority opinion on AMELIE. I didn’t like it, but you probably would. Most people seem to. I just think that Amelie is a horrible person that needs to stop meddling in other people’s lives. But most people seem to think she has good intentions. So watch it and make up your own mind on that one.

    I wouldn’t consider SABRINA a Paris movie. There isn’t a Richard Gere version. There is a Humphrey Bogart version and Harrison Ford version. The Bogart version is superior, but that has more to do with Audrey Hepburn, than it has to do with Bogart. None of it really takes place in Paris. It is just that is where Sabrina was living before she comes back to visit her dad and triggers a love triangle with the Larrabee brothers. But it isn’t a standard love triangle. Sabrina loves the younger more irresponsible brother David (William Holden) and since that might break up an important business deal, the older brother Lionel (Bogart) starts to woo her. Directed by Billy Wilder. Great movie! Worth watching. but really has nothing to do with Paris.

    The remake is pretty good as far as remakes go. Julia Ormond is Sabrina. She is fine, but let’s face it, shoe is not Audrey Hepburn. Greg Kinnear plays David in the remake.

    BUT Sabrina is a photographer, so add that to the list of movies where a photographer is portrayed, but not as somebody creepy.

    Although in the original, she might be a chef. Been too long since I’ve seen it. She definitely take cooking lessons.

    There are a ton of different version of PHANTOM out there. I think one based on the musical, but definitely a ton based on the book. One has Freddie Kruger playing the Phantom, I mean Robert Englund as the Phantom. The Lon Chaney version is the best. It is silent.

    If you want to try something that is completely out there, watch the PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. It is a version of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, but it doesn’t take place in Paris and it is mindblowingly strange. One of De Palma’s early films.

    I don’t know if there has ever been a great Les Miserables movie. I guess the most recent version with Hugh Jackman is as good as any. The singing isn’t always the best in it though.

  15. I was thinking I maybe had heard Bob & Tom on my way to work in the morning sometime, but I wasn’t sure if maybe they were talk radio the rest of the day and just did them in the morning. I would give that a listen, even just for the novelty of it. I want to say I scanned through 103.3 in some evening a couple years ago while taking Alice to Girl Scouts, and they had something hosted by… crap, I want to say either the guy from Motley Crue who was declared dead for a little bit, Nicki Sixx? I don’t think the first name is spelled correctly. Anyway – I listened for about 20 minutes, because why not?

    KFGQ! Yes, that’s it! I remember going in one time to the building where they were based. That’s awesome to know, I’ll have to listen! I usually listen most to the radio when driving to/from work. Which I don’t do much right now, so there’s that. Why wouldn’t NPR at least be consistent within the same time zone? I guess I could understand if they delayed everything by an hour each zone as they moved west for consistent programming timing – but it seems like they would be better able to sell national advertising and such that way? It sure seems like iHeart does that – like you said, it’s not uncommon to hear the same song multiple times, and I think they are all consistent with their ads? It’s super-corporate, but at least it’s consistent.

    I really miss 93.3 in the old days! Now it’s just sort of another KGGO. But less hard, and with a little bit more old stuff thrown in. I had thought they must always have been doing okay, as I think they always sponsored a stage or something at the State Fair?

    I didn’t know that at all – that’s a great idea, I’d MUCH prefer to have her service digitized. I could put it in our cloud storage that way, and not have to worry that it is going to get too hot or something. I’m going to order an audio cable – that is a great solution, and I’d feel so much better about it. I think I’d also be much, much more likely to listen to it. Thank you. I can’t say that enough. That makes my heart feel a lot of joy, thank you.

    I will add Gigi to the list, too! I think I saw that years ago, but not since. I do really dislike how there is always a creepy photographer. I meant to comment on that when we were discussing 13 Reasons Why. Just because someone loves to observe and preserve all of life doesn’t automatically make them autistic or peeping in windows. It’s really insulting – especially since people sure like to appreciate the photos after they’re taken? How do they think that is accomplished? I think they need to train one really, really good male dancer every 10 years or so, so that we don’t have the Fred Astaire syndrome happen again. Isn’t it crazy that Audrey Hepburn did so many amazing movies, and then that the racism and story of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is so questionable? Especially since I’d say that’s arguably her biggest role.

    I do remember that from Sex and the City, now that you say that! I don’t think I’ve seen every single episode, but I think I’ve caught most over the years in hotel rooms for the Mine, hanging out with girlfriends, or other things. The Russian was… greasy, I guess? I am not a big one for romance personally, I just don’t need it – it’s not pragmatic. So he always hit me wrong. I have only seen Office Space twice in my entire life, which I know apparently makes me the worst IT employee in the history of IT employees.

    I’ll add Amelie to the list, and report back when I watch it. I’m not a huge romance film person usually, especially rom coms (see the pragmatism above), so I’m sort of hedging my expectations.

    Oh my gosh, you’re right, it was Harrison Ford instead of Richard Gere. I wonder if Gere was in something else around the same time, I don’t know. Julia Ormond is fine, but looking at her IMDB page… I think the only other thing I’ve seen that she was in was Legends of the Fall. I realize she has a lot of other big hit movies/shows, and one or two I should have seen but haven’t yet – so my exposure is pretty limited. I’ll have to see if I can’t find the original streaming – Audrey Hepburn is just wonderful. Jon got me an Audrey bobblehead once because he knows I just love her – I remember we watched “Wait Until Dark” in something like 7th grade health class when studying blindness, and just being mesmerized by her. Just lovely.

    I would much prefer a Lon Cheney version than Freddie! I mean, poor guy was already used to makeup, so I guess it was a fit. I’ve never heard of Phantom of the Paradise, but I’m 100% on-board with “mindblowingly strange.” That reminds me – I don’t think I’ve ever seen De Palma’s “Black Dahlia” (which I heard was also bizarre), I need to throw that on a list.

    I’ll probably start with the Hugh Jackman Les Mis. I’ve heard the singing wasn’t fantastic – I believe Russell Crowe in particular? Am I imagining that Uma Thurman was in one once? Looked it up – nope, there was one. Holy moly, I better be able to sit there a while, eh?

  16. Bob & Tom is the absolute worst. I can’t take it at all!

    Nikki Sixx! I’ll have to check that out. My dial hasn’t hit 103.3 in years. I’m not much of a fan of Motle Crue. I think I like 3 of their songs. But I did watch the movie that they more or less made about themselves that was on Netflix a few years ago. Gotta be one of the worst things I’ve ever watched. But Nikki Sixx apparently has a chronic condition where he is constantly in pain.

    The best part of that movie is when they replace Vince Neill. That part is hilarious. But it mostly them just trying to show off with how much they used to party.

    NPR isn’t consistent because it really isn’t national. It is controlled at the state level, so each state IPR can decide what shows they want to put on the air or not put on the air. And NPR doesn’t really have “advertising”. It is listener supported. And tax money. That is why I can get in a loop of listening to 96.1 and 90.1 and then when I go to a different station and they play commercials, I’m so confused? What? What is a commercial?

    Good luck with digitizing the memorial service. I think it is pretty simple process, but let me know if you have any other questions.

    Yep, KIOA and KGGO and really 100.3 aren’t all that different. I remember listening to a lot of KGGO when I was teen to pre-teen because I wanted to listen to “harder” music and Iowa didn’t have a station that played new “hard” music until Lazer came along and 105.1 to some degree. I believe that 93.3 does help sponsor the Bud Light Stage on the east side of the fairgrounds. But not 100%.

    I watched a movie last night on Netflix called THE DIG. It had a photographer character that wasn’t creepy. So marking that down. But also annoying because THE DIG is based on a true story and they basically decided to just create the photographer character out of thin air. For no real reason. I guess to add a romance angle to the story. Maybe to create a character that was going off to fight in WWII. But it was annoying because at the end the tell some of the things that happen after the movie ended and nothing about him. Then you look it up, yep, never existed. Which is more frustrating because he was a pretty important character. Plus he hooks up with Lily James, who’s character probably didn’t exist in real life either.

    But the important part of the story is… I’m starting my fictional photographer database. Hopefully later today.

    The photographer from 13 REASONS WHY, has a weird “redemption arc”, but I don’t know if he is redeemed or if all the other characters are just so awful that he is normalized. I really need to watch Season 4 and just get it out of my system.

    I hadn’t seen every single episode of SEX AND THE CITY until I just ran through them on HBO Max. It was different than I remember. Probably better than I remember. I’m not sure how to describe The Russian character. I’d say manipulative is the best way to describe him to me. Very pompous. Pretentious. That is the word.

    I don’t think you need to see OFFICE SPACE a ton of times. It is funny. It is original. It is a good male midlife crisis movie.

    The thing about the Hugh Jackman Les Mis is that in addition to having some people that aren’t great singers, they did them no favors by the way they recorded the sound. Russell Crowe really does stick out like a sore thumb. He isn’t always bad, but he is bad enough consistently. Anne Hathaway is magnificent though. Despite his musical background, I think Hugh Jackman is really just serviceable. The guy who played Valjean on the original Broadway recording plays the priest and is still great.

    There is a 1998 version that has Claire Danes in it. You might be thinking of that one. Uma Thurman is in it as Clare Danes mom. There was also a mini-series version that came out a few years back. I started watching it, but didn’t care for it and never finished.

    WAIT UNTIL DARK. That is a weird movie to show kids. If you are going to introduce Audrey Hepburn to kids, you really have to go with ROMAN HOLIDAY. Then MY FAIR LADY.

  17. Bob & Tom just aren’t funny. It’s just boorish and dumb, and generally lowbrow humor. I mean, a lot of morning radio hosts are, but they’ve just been consistently lowbrow for something like 30 years? Great growth, there, guys.

    I honestly assumed there was still an overarching national plan due to the “N” in “NPR.” And that they tried to get corporate donations or something. Full disclosure – I just listen to the shows I like, and have not really researched the structure of it. I know it’s supported by listeners like me (and I know that Trump gutted it and public television) – I think I just made assumptions about it based off of the name.

    Sex and the City isn’t as terrible as I want it to be. Other than the second movie – that was just the worst. I’m so glad that I just caught it for free somewhere rather than renting it. Or, heaven forbid, can you imagine the poor souls who went to the theater for it? I think those are all fair assessments of The Russian – he was definitely manipulative and pretentious. Incredibly inconsiderate and selfish. And your other post was correct – Big had a lot of things wrong with him, and I don’t think I’ve seen all of the Aiden episodes, but he wasn’t great. I think Carrie was really great at toxic relationships. It makes me a little sad that those four women are role models for so many women – there’s not really one entirely likeable person among them. Clearly I’d want to be a Miranda, right? Except that she doesn’t really have any empathy, doesn’t do relationships well at all (clearly, esp from the movie), and is overly harsh. So I’d want to be a Charlotte next? Can’t live without a man in her life, snobbish, close-minded to diversity. Etc. I get that they’re all flawed, but I think some of the messaging is that women shouldn’t work on flaws – EVERYONE should work on their flaws. I have a former friend who thought she was the next Carrie – she actually just was usually drunk, would text and call mean things to friends and boyfriends while drunk, then would buy herself expensive things to “date herself” (like Carrie did) when people cut her out/broke up with her when they got sick of her antics. (So, she also has just the worst credit ever because she compulsive shops.) I don’t want to sound judgmental, I’ve got a TON of flaws – but she would just say, “this is what Carrie would do!” I guess I don’t understand it, but maybe I’M close-minded. Sorry, that was a long story.

    I didn’t mind Jackman in “The Greatest Showman,” but I think he was surrounded by some talent that was better than I expected it to be (like – dammit, I somehow like Zac Efron), and so that elevated him? It sounds like, in Les Mis, the only option to elevate him was Anne Hathaway (who is always incredible and just lovely) – and that wasn’t enough to do it, it just pointed out that he was also lacking?

    I think that’s the one I’m thinking of!

    Yeah, I think maybe our health teacher just really liked that movie, rather than it being specifically good information about blindness. I think I’m going to maybe watch a couple of those with Alice this weekend – I had her watch the 2020 version of “Emma” with me, which she loves and makes me incredibly happy. Now that she’s on board with period pieces, maybe I can get her into some old Audrey Hepburn!

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