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2017 Photography 139 Calendar April

Here is the April image for the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar:


This picture goes into a category (it is a fairly stacked category) of, “I really love this photo but I’m not sure many other people will.” Different strokes for different folks. I love pictures of deterioration. Plus the license plate proclaiming Kansas “Land of Beautiful Girls” just kills me. Fits right into my wheelhouse of humor.

This particular picture of deterioration was taken in Strong City, Kansas. I went to Wichita to see the Zac Brown Band with Nate. The next morning after breakfasting at the International House of Pancakes (I know. Fancy!) we made our way back to Manhattan. Stopping every once in awhile to take some photographs. On one of these stops, I found this truck. The rest is Photography 139 history.

Before I let you go, the Photography 139 Calendar is now in stock.

This is a limited run and there will not be a second run. So if you wish to purchase a calendar, let me know. The price is $10. American.

2017 Photography 139 Calendar March

Here is the March image for the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar:


This picture is of the Wagon Wheel Bridge west of Boone, Iowa. It collapsed after being hit by an ice flow. The remainder of the bridge was torn down just this week. I took this picture on the day of Grandma June’s funeral. The next day Jim, Nate, Laura, and I jumped in the car and headed north to meet Nora for the first time.

An incredible roller coaster of emotions.

2017 Photography 139 Calendar Cover

I spent the last few days designing the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar.

The design of this calendar is different than the last several years in a few different ways.

1. This isn’t a flower photography only calendar. There are flower pictures, but they are the minority.
2. Gone is all the old ways I lined pictures up with certain months in the past.
3. Each picture is lined up with a month that the picture was taken in. For example, the January 2017 image was taken in January of 2016. December’s picture was taken in December of 2015.
4. The number format is the same as 2016, but I’ve added back some of the “holidays” from calendars past.
5. A price for this year’s calendar has yet to be determined. I haven’t quite figured out how much it cost me to make, but it will probably be in that $10 range again this year.
6. I didn’t include a “title” or location of the pictures, despite people requesting that. I didn’t find away to do it that I liked. Maybe in 2018.

So without further adieu, I present the cover of the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar:

2017 Calendar - Cover

This picture came from a THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE reject for the theme MACRO. I chose this picture because I decided not to include any portraits or animals on the inside of the calendar, I wanted the cover to include a self-portrait. This is my favorite self-portrait from 2016.

I will have ordering information in a future post. I’m sure.

An Irrevocable Condition

Often times when I put calendars out into the world, I worry about what kind of home it will receive. Will it be loved? Will it be adored? Will it end up on a wall with tons of writing on it?

Recently I received a couple text pictures of Photography 139 Calendars in their new homes.

While it might seem that I’m soliciting such images, I am not, but I do love getting them.

Here are those 2 images, Photogrpahy 139 Calendars. Home.

Colleen’s Calendar

Becca’s Calendar

I’m glad to see these calendars have found good, loving homes in Arizona.


So the walk down memory lane now concludes. With a look at the images that were in the calendar that early this morning will be taken down from kitchen walls (most common place I’ve seen the calendar hung up), office walls, cubicle walls, and placed gently in the trash with yesterday’s coffee grounds. 2015 Photography 139 Calendar I bid you a fond adieu.

2015 Calendar Cover
Front Cover

January - 2015 Calendar

February - 2015 Calendar

March - 2015 Calendar

April - 2015 Calendar

May - 2015 Calendar

June - 2015 Calendar

July - 2015 Calendar

August - Flower Calendar

September - 2015 Calendar

October - 2015 Calendar

November - 2015 Calendar

December - 2015 Calendar

If you ever get bored and want to take this walk down memory lane again, you can visit the Calendar and Postcards Gallery in the PHOTOGRAPHY 139 GALLERY. Link below:


Since yesterday was the end of year and a holiday that many people celebrate (not me though, I don’t need the calendar gestapo telling me when to start a new year) I would like to take a quick moment to thank everybody that has continued to be an email subscriber to this here blog.

Off the top of my head and I apologize if I miss anybody:

These people are all original subscribers or at least haven’t changed their email since August 22, 2011. Which is how far back the records from off the top of my head go.

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Thanks for all the support and for making 2015 a successful year, by some sense of the word. I hope our little family here continues to grow. I’ll try and do better in 2016!


We’re almost to the end of this journey. Thanks for taking it with me. It has allowed me to become reacquainted with some old favorites. Hopefully you’ve become reacquainted with some old favorites or been introduced to some new favorites.

It has been educational for me to see where I’ve been. It has definitely helped me shape where I’m going. A new vision and a reinvigoration.

Enough of that… Let’s look at 2014…

Front Cover













Only one more look back at the past to go.

2013 Christmas Calendar

This is a look back at the photos from the calendar I gave as Christmas gifts in 2012. You’ll see many of the same images from the flower calendar. I have no doubts.

Front Cover













I’ve never done what one would call market research, but I did make a change to the 2015 calendar and then made a change back in the 2016 calendar. That is this. The 2015 calendar has big numbers for the dates. I found this to be aesthetically pleasing. However, some feedback I got was that this made it more difficult to write on the calendar. Therefore, I changed back to small numbers for the 2016 calendar.

I’ve also been asked why I don’t include birthdays or “different holidays” any longer. The reason for that is because of the diverse audience that the Photography 139 Calendar now reaches, I don’t know how many of those people need to know the date my nephew Brandon’s birthday (December 4). However, I could probably add International Talk Like A Pirate Day back to the calendar.

I’ve already stated that I’m going to go back to diversifying the subject matter of the 2017 calendar. I have this glorious plan of taking each photo for the 2017 calendar during the corresponding month of 2016. This means that my plan of going back to my plan of lining up certain subjects with certain months will probably go to the wayside. Sorry anybody that was getting jacked up for a frog in February of 2017. I’ll try to get a frog somewhere else… like April.

Any way, please leave any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas in the comments section. I might not act on them, but you don’t know until you try.