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Proust No. Three

Angie DeWaard correctly answered the Christopher D. Bennett Trivia Question:

Q: What is the 1 thing Christopher D. Bennett always buys when he goes to an Iowa State game?

A: A program.

Proust Quote

“Our intonations contain our philosophy of life, what each of us is constantly telling himself about things.”

Confessions Question

What characters in history do you most dislike?

My 2009 Answer

Proust Questionnaire Number Sixteen

There are quite a few historical figures in the last year that have raised my ire. Some have dropped off my radar and some have popped back on.  Some I’m sure will always be there.

One guy who I have a love/hate relationship with is Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard. Sometimes I hate him.  Like when he ran out Dan McCarney. Like when he ran off Wayne Morgan.

Sometimes I love him. Like when he refuses to sell single game tickets to the Iowa-Iowa State game to Iowa fans. Or when he hires Paul Rhoads.

But when he got the gift of Creighton hiring away the failed Greg McDermott and he hired Fred Hoiberg to take his place, it screamed publicity stunt and I was irate.  However, Hoiberg has turned out to be a very good hire thus far. Plus I can never really hate Jamie Pollard.  Iowa fans are terrified of him and that does tickle me so.

Glenn Beck might be on my list of most disliked historical figures as well. His Rally to Restore Honor was a pathetic joke. Learning about honor from somebody like Glenn Beck is like getting financial advice from a homeless person.

To single out one professional liar over the rest of the talking heads on Fox News or MSNBC overstates his importance.  After all, a comedian was able to get triple the number of people at his rally and he didn’t have to go on the air the next day and lie about how many people showed up for it either. Glenn Beck is merely a sad race baiter that will most likely be completely forgotten by historians.

Congress would definitely be on my list as well.  Let me explain to you how our Congress worked these last two years through a story.

16 kids are on a playground. They are playing a game of dodgeball. Since the rules for dodgeball are not universal, there is some debate on what happens when somebody throws a ball at you and you catch it. 10 of the people think that when you catch a ball, not only are you safe, one of your previously eliminated teammates gets to come back into the game. The other six think that you are safe when you catch a ball, but one of your teammates doesn’t get to come back in. They have both agreed to vote on this rule. Whomever wins the vote, the game will be played by their rules.

However, the 10 feel bad for the 6 and refuse to just have the vote because they don’t want to impose their will on the 6. So they try to compromise with them.

“We have the votes to just play by our rules, but we are willing to compromise with you.”

“No. Your way is socialism.”

“So what? The military is a socialist institution and you love it.”


“Well do you have any ideas?”


“No. Isn’t an idea.”


“We could just vote and leave you out of the process all together.”

“No. We’ll take our ball and go home.”

“It is actually our ball.”


“No isn’t an idea.”


The 10 have a huddle.

“They won’t agree with us.  I don’t know what to do!”

“We have the votes, if they don’t want to play, let’s just pass the rule and play the game.”

“I’d feel bad about it.  Instead, let’s just do nothing.”

“But we have the numbers to do something.”

“Yeah, but if we do something they are going to say that our way of playing the game involves Death Panels.”

“Only the extremely ignorant listen to that type of uninformed drivel.”

“Have you seen the standardized test scores of the rest of the 3rd Grade?”

“Right. We should do nothing.”

Then nothing gets done.

And the people suffer.

Understand, that is a simplification, but not by much.

I didn’t mind the Republicans dominated the midterm elections. I sincerely hate both political parties and I have for quite some time. I hate the way that Democrats feel that they have a monopoly on compassion. I hate the way Republicans think they have a monopoly on patriotism. I hate how both parties think they have a monopoly on good ideas.

I was disappointed however that 2 Democrats that were most responsible for a failed Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid kept their jobs. I hate to see cowardice rewarded.

John McCain’s fight to become this generation’s George Wallace is pretty disheartening.  His crusade to keep the plague known as “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is sad. I remember when McCain used to be one of my favorite politicians, but now he is a horrible shell of what he used to be.  It is sad that he flip flops on his positions more often than the Salmon and even more frustrating is that when he gets the very evidence that DADT is bad for our country that he has been asking for, he changes his mind and asks for different evidence.

I understand that he needs to sharpen his conservative credentials to keep his job in a socially backward state like Arizona, but it was the old “Straight Talk McCain” that made him a maverick. He is certainly a maverick no longer. Tea Party lapdog seems about right.

But when I think about it, it is really a no-brainer. The historical figure I dislike the most is Bob Vander Plaats.

I don’t really know how influential Bob Vander Plaats was in getting three Supreme Court judges removed from their positions for following the law and doing their jobs by ruling that gay marriage was legal in the state of Iowa. I doubt that he actually had that much influence in putting a black eye on the state of Iowa. However the fact that he was out in front on this issue and mobilizing like-minded bigots to get to the polls and vote out the judges makes him an embarrassment to our state.

There was a brief period of time where Iowa was a state of enlightenment. Personal rights and freedoms were actually protected here.  I could walk proudly in any state in the union, knowing that I was from Iowa. I’m probably better than you.  A state that actually protected equal rights. Not a backwards hick state like Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, or (God forbid) Nebraska.

Then election night came in Iowa. All three judges were thrown out. Iowa was an embarrassment.

I know this wasn’t completely Vander Plaats doing.  I know that the enthusiasm gap that the Republicans had in the midterm election was a big contributing factor. I’m not ripping on Republicans, but it is a fact that they are decidedly more socially conservative than Democrats.  That means that Republicans often have the following range of thoughts on gay people: they are gross to burn them at the stake.

Now I personally don’t know any “burn them at the stake” Republicans because I don’t hang out at too many Klan meetings like our boy Vander Plaats and his friends most likely do. (That is clearly an overstatement and parody, but Glenn Beck would try to pass that off as fact and that is just one of the things that separates us.) However, they are certainly out there. Also I try not to be friends with bigots, but that  makes me bigoted against bigots. Ironic, huh?

The surge of Republican voters certainly aided Vander Plaats. Something else that aided him was that most people that supported gay marriage didn’t know what was going on.  More than a few people approached me in the days following the election and told me that they were shocked about the judge “thing”.  If they had known, they would have went out and voted.

As unscientific as my polling data would seem to be, I am very certain that if pro-gay marriage factions had ran a better campaign, doofuses like Vander Plaats wouldn’t be running around our great state thinking that they had just received a mandate.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

It also makes me glad that Brown v. Board of Education was not decided by the Iowa Sate Supreme Court.

Christopher D. Bennett Trivia Question

Currently, what is Christopher D. Bennett’s favorite band?

Remember to be the lucky winner, you have to answer in the “Comments” section of this journal entry.

Proust No. Two

Jesse Howard correctly answered the Christopher D. Bennett Trivia Question:

Q: Whenever Christopher D. Bennett goes to a buffet, what does he get to eat with his ice cream?

A: Green Olives

As a reward for Jesse’s knowledge of my culinary tendencies, he got to choose the next question I answered on the Proust Questionnaire.

Proust Quote

“If only for the sake of elegance, I try to remain morally pure.”

Confessions Question

Your Chief Characteristic

My 2009 Answer

Proust Questionnaire Number Sixteen

I’m surprised by how difficult it has been for me to work on this project this year.  I don’t know if that mean I’ve had uneventful year or unsuccessful year or if perhaps just perhaps, the subject of “Me” is incredibly boring to me.  That can’t be. Most people find me fascinating. At least that is what they tell me.

When I think about this question, I can’t help but think about a photo project that I worked on over 5 years ago.  I had several friends write on piece of “poster board” 1 word.  Just 1 word that they would like to be the 1st word that crossed the minds of other people when they thought about them.

“I saw Chuck down at the store.”

“Oh Chuck, he so fastidious.”

“Agreed. no other word encompasses Chuck’s existence more than fastidious.”

I think about the word I scrolled onto paper in the Lagomarcino courtyard all those years ago and I know that word probably isn’t correct. But I do think I should try that project again.  It might make a good replacement for the Friend Wall, since it will be coming down sometime soon. Although when I think about it, that would almost certainly be just a different form of Friend Wall.  Maybe this way a couple of family members could sneak onto the wall.

I’m getting off topic.

If I look at the undisputed nickname I carry around with me (Lone Wolf) I would think that the best way to describe me might be loner.  I’m not surrounded by many friends. I spend most nights home alone. All of my work time is spent with my nose to the grindstone. I’m not even sure I know the names of many of my co-workers.  There’s the Candy Drawer Lady and The Grand Grammarian and The Trapper and The Hunter and The Dandy and The Potential Future Serial Killer and The Filmmaker.  But I don’t know the names of any of these people. I’m pretty sure they don’t my name either.

I don’t have weekly engagements. I’m not in a bowling or basketball league. I don’t see the same group of friends every Friday for a meal. I don’t going to the movies once a week. I don’t correspond with many people via email. I don’t send lots of texts. I don’t get lots of texts. My phone is a 200 dollar paper weight.

Another characteristic is my openness.  You can ask me virtually any question and you will get a version of a completely truthful answer. I am so open that since the beginning of the year I have had the goal of sending in a secret to PostSecret. Since I don’t have any secrets that are mine (I have a wealth of other people’s secrets) I haven’t been able to fulfill that goal.

However, as well documented and undisputed as my loner credentials are, and despite the fact that I closely resemble an open book, I don’t think I’ve changed much in this regard from last year.

My chief characteristic is my veracity.

I have a 100% commitment to the truth and have never understood people that don’t.

True it took me some time to realize how honest of a person I am. It took me so long because I’m not a dillhole or a jerk.

I’ve known quite a few jerks in my day. They usually say something horrible to another human being and then back it up with, “I’m just being honest.”  I’ve known at least two of these people that have spoken glowingly of their honesty based on the nearly constant flow of negative energy that was coming out of their piehole.  For this reason it took me a small amount of time to figure out saying mean and terrible things to people is not the same thing as being honest.

More importantly, being nice and saying positive and complimentary things to people does not make you dishonest.

Negative people think they are more honest than positive people because they see the world in a negative light. When they hear positive people saying positive things to people they assume that person is lying and doesn’t have the guts or testicular fortitude to tell people “how it is”.

The truth is that the positive person is “telling it how it is” from their perspective.  Their perspective is more positive and it is still the truth.

Being negative doesn’t make you honest. It makes you painful to be around.

That isn’t to say that I can’t be harsh and abrasive with the sandpaper of truth. If my perspective is negative, you will know about it.  After all, I am the fountain of truth. As I see it.

Christopher D. Bennett Trivia Question

What is the 1 thing I always buy when I go to an Iowa State game?

Remember, the first person to answer this question in the “Comments” section of this post gets to pick the next Proust Questionnaire question that I answer. I won’t take me two weeks to answer the next one, I swear.

Proust No. One

In case you don’t remember, the answers to these questions only reflect my experiences in the year 2010.

Proust Quote:

“Love is a reciprocal torture.”

Confessions Question:

Your favourite colour and flower:

Confidences Question:

My favourite colour.


The flower that I like.

Proust’s Answers:

The beauty is not in the colours, but in their harmony.


Hers/His -and after, all of them.

My 2009 Answer:

Proust Questionnaire Number Three

On this day I don’t have a favorite color. As a child my first favorite color was green.  Then it was blue.  Then it was red.  Then it might have been black. Then I realized having a favorite color was such a silly concept.  All colors have their purpose and favoring one color over another is just madness. As Proust answered, the beauty is not in the colours, but in their harmony. I can’t beat that answer.

I also don’t really have a favorite flower.  I’m partial to the flowers that I grow in my yard.  Marigolds are easy to grow. I take great pride in my patch of moonflowers. I was extremely pleased with my dahlias. My lilies were striking and I hope to create a lily patch behind the garage next year. I was very pleased with my moss rose. I enjoyed by gerber daisies to no end.  I was saddened that my patch of daisies didn’t take off this year, but I have great faith that they will come back with a vengeance in 2011. But I can’t pick a favorite flower.

Like last year, I can pick my favorite flower pictures from 2010:

RWPE #24 Colorful

Inferiority Complex Alternate

Soul Oxygen

RWPE #4 – Plants

The Girl in the Blue Skirt Redux Alternate

The Girl in the Blue Skirt Alternate

The Girl in the Blue Skirt

The Girl in the Blue Skirt Alternate

RWPE #4 Alternate

Well-Shaped Girl

Inferiority Complex

Even Though We Love It

The first person to correctly answer this trivia question (in the comments section of this website) gets to pick the next question of the Proust Questionnaire that I answer.

Trivia Question:

Whenever Christopher D. Bennett goes to a buffet, what does he get to eat with his ice cream?

General Housekeeping Information

Here are a few broad announcements.

1. Love my photography?  Ever wonder what it would like if you were in it?  Here is your chance! I’m doing portrait photography as a fundraiser for the youth group at my church tomorrow night.  So come down to the First United Methodist Church of Boone, Iowa from 5-8 pm and get your picture taken.  The rate?  $25 – cheap.  What do you get?  A couple of digital pictures of you and/or your loved ones next to the First United Methodist Church of Boone’s Christmas Tree.  It is a pretty sweet tree. On top of that every last penny of your 25 smackers goes to the Youth Group to help finance their mission trip to Kansas City next Summer.  A mission trip that I may or may not be chaperoning.  I’d guess “may not” at this point, but we’ll see.  No appointment is necessary.  Any questions, you most likely have my number or email address.

2. The 2011 Calendar. Every year I post something about not being sure if there will be a calendar next year.  Every year it is usually a lie.  Not this year.  After steady growth for the last few years, there is a chance that the calendar will not be published this year.  The guy that printed the calendars the last couple of years is refusing to print the calendars this year because I didn’t pay him for the calendars last year.  The fact that I asked for a bill at least 5 times and never received one is apparently irrelevant to the gent, so I have to come up with a new plan.  It is possible that I won’t come up with that plan. But one thing that is a certainty is that the run of calendars this year will be significantly less than the last couple of years.  So if you don’t get a calendar for next year, it is because of market fluctuations and what-have-you, the calendar just isn’t economically viable to be printed in as large of numbers as the last few years. If nothing else, my crew will be happier for the cut in workload.

3. Tomorrow marks the beginning of December.  The beginning of December marks the beginning of my descent into self-absorption.  The time when I look back at the year and answer the Proust Questionnaire.  The difference between this year and last year is that I’m giving my loyal droogs (you people that are reading these words) a chance to pick what questions I answer.  I will start the questionnaire tomorrow.  At the bottom of the questionnaire answer will be a trivia question about Yours Truly.  The first person to correctly answer the question in the comments section of this website will get to pick the next questionnaire question I answer. The trivia questions will be difficult and very specific, but I have faith that somebody out there knows me at least a little bit.

RWPE #46 – Spiritual

The theme of SPIRITUAL didn’t ring the bell of many people this week. It reminds me of one of my favorite Daniel Tosh jokes.

“When people tell me, ‘I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual’, I tell them ‘I’m not honest but you’re interesting.'”

Here are the submissions for SPIRITUAL:

Dawn Krause

Mike Vest

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn’s Poetry Submission


I thought of love in its glory
How each of us has a story
I thought of awe and thought of grace
Survival of the human race

And so it came I thought real hard
Of birds and trees in the yard
Of what it was that gave us life
And gave us strength in our strife

I pondered on many things
Of promises and wedding rings
Of how it is we know He’s there
The change we sense in the air

I felt a warmth begin to spread
It filled my soul from toe to head
I yearned to stay within that light
And so I prayed and said good night

We are definitely in the homestretch now. Just a handful of themes for the RTG to spit out. The theme for this week has been spat:


That is a good broad theme. Hopefully it will light a fire of creativity under several people and the submission pool will gain a good depth again next week.

RWE #43 – Smoke Photography

Not so many submissions this week for last week’s theme SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY. I guess not as many people love fire as I thought loved fire.

Mike Vest

Dawn Krause

Christopher D. Bennett

Dawn’s Poetry Submission:


It’s all just smoke and mirrors
The way you disguise your fears
What you keep hidden from yourself
Keeps love unattainable atop a shelf

Your mind recalls it’s photograph
Of every time you made her laugh
Can you see clearly through your daze
While hiding behind that blackened haze

She caught you peeking in her soul
Wondering if she could make you whole
Instead of fanning that smoldering flame
You choose to hide in billowy shame

Take the chance and build a fire
Make it known your secret desire
She has faith in what you do
Clear the smoke and believe it too

Not many themes left. I fired up the Random Theme Generator. It spit out some smoke. Then it gave a great theme for this week:


This is a theme that should bring out quite a few participants. After all, almost everybody has hands. Everybody knows somebody that has hands. Plus hands do so many wonderful and interesting things.

Vacation Journal

Here is a copy of the journal I kept while I was on vacation last week.  It covers parts of 10 days and over 1300 miles.  While I doubt anybody reads this whole thing, it was an important exercise for me.

There are no pictures, but I will post some pictures from my vacation at some point in the futre.

17:33 – Put up my hard hat.  Clocked out. Left the Computer Mine.  Vacation officially started.
17:53 – Check mail.  Brandi Carlile tickets have not arrived.
18:45 – “Cleaned” living room for the arrival of the Gorshes.  Sat on Clockwork Couch. Fell asleep.
19:15 – Gorshes arrive.  Order Casey’s Taco and Hot Sausage pizza.
19:16 – Realize my house is not really clean enough for Evie.  I hate it when my Mom is right.
20:00 – While enjoying Casey’s pizza, determine that Evie enjoys Miles Davis. Not such a fan of live Led Zeppelin.
21:00 – Finish the 6/6 Gorshes Photo Project.
21:45 – Evie makes an incredibly loud sound.
23:57 – Bid the Gorshes a fond adieu and sleep the good sleep.

8:45 – Wake up in time to watch Game Day. Might be the last time I get to watch Game Day for a few weeks.  This saddens me.
10:58 – Lee Corso picks Wisconsin to beat Ohio State.
11:47 – Mail arrives.  Assorted bills and political advertisements. No Brandi Carlile tickets.
11:48 – Call UNI ticket office to ask: “What the Hades?”  I am told that for some reason they just decided to never mail me the tickets.  But they will be waiting for me at the Will Call Window.  “Thanks UNI Ticket Office”. This statement is a mixture of sarcasm and gratitude.  About 60% sarcasm.  40% gratitude.
12:47 – Clean out Foster Bunny’s cage and let him roam the back porch while I clean the back porch.
14:48 – Clean the fridge.  After the “Great Cleansing” the follow items remain in my fridge.  8 different types of jelly, 5 different types of salsa, 3 different types of barbecue sauce, 3 different types of pickles, 3 different types of mustard, 3 different types of root beers, about 24 cans of pop (7 different varieties),  6 bottles of bottled water ( 2 different varieties), 10 slices of processed American cheese, 1 jar of Miracle Whip, 1 jar of pickled beets that I bought due to a miscommunication with Derrick, 1 tub of butter, 3 sticks of margarine and a bag of baby carrots.
16:35 – Meet Sara in the Computer Mine Parking lot for trip to Cedar Falls for Brandi Carlile concert.
17:45 – Stop in Wellsburg, Iowa to try the award winning tenderloin of the Town House Supper Club. When we can’t find the restaurant we stop at the local Casey’s.  They have scorpions in shadow boxes for sale as “art”.  Kid behind cash register tells me that that the Town House Supper Club is closed for remodeling.  I thought I was only cursed by old timey ice cream parlors. I am not pleased. Sara buys me a Fig Newton to assuage my pain.
18:30 – We arrive on “The Hill”. I had contacted my Cedar Falls “expert” earlier in the week to find out a restaurant to eat at besides Sub City.  The response came back: “There are other restaurants in Cedar Falls?”  But what I heard was “I’ve criticized my parents for not wanting to try new restaurants, but perhaps that was hypocrisy.”  We try Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. This experience is similar to when Jill and I ate at Jade 88 back in February.  We are the only people in the restaurant.  The food is tasty though.  Not to the level of Chinese Homestyle Cooking, but not bad. They have cool fish lamps on their walls. I don’t feel that Sara appreciates them at an appropriate level.
19:20 – We arrive at Gallagher-Bluedorn.  It is not what I’m expecting.  Although the auditorium itself is beautiful, it is “designed” to make it as extremely difficult as possible to find your seats. After picking up tickets at Will Call, we approach Volunteer #1 looking for assistance.  She tells us that we have to go up the elevator.  Volunteer #2 walks us to the elevator.  After getting off the elevator we hand our tickets to Volunteers #3 and #4 that are standing right outside the elevator. They tell us to go to Door 5.  Door 5 is 10 feet away.  We walk the 10 feet and give our tickets to Volunteers #5 and #6 that are standing outside of Door 5. They tell us to go into Door 5. Inside Door 5 Volunteer #7 points out our seats.  There are two of us. There is 1 open seat. We point this out to him. He tells us that they will “make room”.  We get near “our” seats. People have made room.  We sit down.  Sara notes that the height of the wall that prevents you from falling 150 feet to your death is about 2 feet tall.
19:30 – Opening act Pieta Brown takes the stage.  She plays about 5 songs.  She isn’t bad.
20:15 – Brandi Carlile and her band take the stage.  They play a set without the Cedar Falls-Waterloo Symphony.  It is amazing.
20:45 – Volunteer #8 approaches me and asks to see our tickets.  I give them to him.  He tells me that these aren’t our seats and points in kind of a general direction of where we are supposed to be sitting. He is not friendly or jovial.
20:47 – We give our tickets to Volunteer #9 who points out our seats to us.  They aren’t really seats.  They are more like chairs that overlook the two foot wall.  I actually love this because it means legroom!
20:52 – There are only two other people sitting in this “section”, so rather than sitting in our assigned chairs, we sit next to them and strike up a conversation.  Volunteer #9 doesn’t seem pleased about this, but she doesn’t do anything about it. I ask them: besides Sub City, where is a good place to eat in Cedar Falls? She recommends Beck’s or Pablo’s. An exact quote from the lady: “There is more to Cedar Falls than Sub City.” I feel I should text this to my Cedar Falls expert, but I fear she might drive up to Cedar Falls and slap this poor lady.  Decide I will tell her about this swipe at Sub City in an indirect passive aggressive manner.  Hi Shannon! While Sara goes out to the hallway to drink a Diet Pepsi I learn that the male in this couple moved from California for the female in the couple. He is “looking forward” to his first Iowa Winter.  My Aunt Sherrie would think he moved here because he had “no options”.  The less cynical side of me would ask “are there options to love”?
21:00 – Brandi Carlile comes back on stage and kills it in the 2nd set.  I had thought maybe it was foolish for me to go see Brandi Carlile for a 3rd time this year.  But all told, I spent about $100 dollars on 3 shows. I will find out later in the week that there are people willing to spend quite a bit more than 100 smackers to see just 1 show.  So maybe I am cheap.  Brandi plays many of her best songs: “Dreams”, “The Story”, “Oh Dear”, “Closer to You” and “Turpentine” to name just a few. But perhaps the highlights of this show for me were two covers I’ve never heard her play before. I’ve always felt that her voice is reminiscent of Patsy Cline, but I’ve never heard her play a Patsy Cline song.  She played “Crazy” and nailed it!  Near the end of her set she played a cover of Lenard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.  With the beauty of her voice and the majesty of the backing symphony orchestra, I’m not ashamed to say that I got goosebumps.
22:00 – After the show, (Brandi included her traditional Johnny Cash cover of “Folsom Prison Blues” in her encore) Sara tells me “I want to be Brandi Carlile.”  She did this with an inflection that only Sara can do that makes you think that it actually might be a possibility.

8:50 – I’m surprisingly up for Church, despite the lateness of the previous evening, when Mom arrives to pick me up.
9:40 – Andrea gives an awesome (truly awe inspiring) sermon about superheroes and how the greatest superhero the world has and ever will see is a Christian.  At the end of the sermon Andrea and Phil take off their robes to reveal that they are wearing Batman shirts underneath. I have a sinking suspicion that they didn’t have to go out and buy those shirts special for this sermon.
10:05 – The combined choirs of 4 churches perform a song to conclude our worship service. I’m disappointed to see that my Grandma isn’t in the choir, but excited to see a choir with lots of men in it.  Our church choir is a little light on the men.  Of course that is partially my fault for keeping my angelic voice under wraps.

10:15 – Josh tells me that Wesley’s hair color must have come from the Schwan’s man.  I assure him that I was born with red hair.  Then the red went away.  Then the hair went away. Mom tells him the story about how my Grandma (Paternal) knew I would be born with red hair because I “visited her in a dream” before I was born.  I’ve always doubted the veracity of this tale because I don’t remember visiting anybody before I was born.  However, Josh thinks it is a great story.  I am reminded that I should really make an extra effort to make it to Taize Worship next November.

13:00 – Angie, Jon and Alice arrive for Alice’s 3 month photo shoot.  I don’t really know how to take baby pictures, but Angie has ideas.  I give them a tour of the house that consists mostly of the phrase: “This room is too dirty to go into…” and “someday this will be different”.  Alice photography goes seemingly well.
17:30 – Meet the Howards near a private pond for the Howard family photo shoot.  The light wanes quickly and Jesse limping around on his crutches doesn’t help the speed of the event, but I think good work is accomplished.
19:30 – I show up at the Howards for supper.  Kelly makes a very good Shepherd’s Pie.  We watch the Phillies-Giants game.
21:00 – Willy shows up because he is a social butterfly and needs to be around other people.
21:30 – I realize that I was supposed to go to the Mehtodist Men Steak Fry tonight. Whoops!

9:00 – I wake up with one goal: to stay in my pajamas as long as is humanly possible.
10:00 – I thaw out hamburger to make Hamburger Helper.  I have friends who look down their long noses of judgment at me because I occasionally eat Hamburger Helper.  I don’t have the ambition to cook anything better on this day.
11:00 – I think about cleaning my living room.
11:03 – I email my weekly picks to Andree, Russell and Baier.  Upset: Baylor over Kansas State Lock: Oklahoma over Missouri.
12:00 – I realize I don’t have any milk to make my Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper.  If I go to the store I would have to put on nonsleeping attire. I go down to my Mom’s to borrow milk. Instead, she makes me homemade chicken noodles.
13:23 – I think about cleaning my living room.
16:30 – I dust some stuff.
16:42 – I put the hamburger away. I’ll make Hamburger Helper later this week.
18:00 – Show up at my Mom’s for supper.
20:15 – I put on real clothes and leave for the bowling alley.
22:47 – The Patio Pros enter the night in first place, but get handled by C&B Drywall 18-6. I personally have a decent night.  Winning 3 out of 4 personal points, but it isn’t enough.

8:30 – Depart for Kalona with Mom.
10:45 – Buy Buttermilk Cookies at the Bakery.  I love these cookies. I refrain from buying any more jelly.  I have 8 jars at home in the fridge.
11:02 – Community Store is closed on Tuesdays.
11:11 – Stringtown Grocery Store is closed on Tuesdays.
11:17 – Jackpot! Cheese factory is open.  I buy two pounds of cheese curds, in case any friends drop by the rest of the week.  I also buy, Smoked Swiss, 2 Year Old Cheddar and Chocolate Cheese. I need to buy some crackers when I get a chance.
12:17 – Mom wants to go by Riverside Casino to see what it looks like. I take her to the Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.  I text a picture to a few people to let them know that this guy doesn’t waste his vacation time.
13:15 – Don’t find the casino, but decide to go to Iowa City to eat at Steak’n’Shake for lunch. This is despite the fact that both Sara and Jesse have tried to shoot down my dreams of eating at a Steak’n’Shake in the past.

13:37 – Turns out I don’t know where the Steak’n’Shake in Iowa City is located even though I KNOW I’ve driven by it many a time. Aimlessly driving around Iowa City.
13:47 – Call Sara for directions. She doesn’t answer.  Call Toby for directions.  He doesn’t answer. Call Jesse for directions.  He answers.  Apparently we drove by it about 5 miles back. Nice!
14:02 – The joyride works to our favor.  2-4 is Shake Happy Hour at Steak’n’Shake.  Steak’n’Shake isn’t anywhere near as bad as Sara and Jesse hyped it to be.  In fact, it was actually on the enjoyable side.  I wouldn’t go out of my way for one again, but it certainly beats the offerings of the Evil Clown Empire, Burger King and Wendy’s. Plus, to my knowledge, none of those places have a Shake Happy Hour. Game, Set, Match. Steak’n’Shake.
15:37 – Arrive at what is left of the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids.  They have a “Speed Hump” sign that is moderately amusing.  We stop in a bakery and buy some stuff.
17:17 – Stop at an abandoned gas station on Highway 30 to photograph it.
18:22 – Stop in Tama to photograph historic Lincoln Highway Bridge.
19:02 – Stop at Country House Family Restaurant in Colo for supper.  I love this restaurant. I have the fried chicken dinner and it is great. Order raisin cream pie to go.
21:30 – Sitting at home. Eat raisin cream pie.  Some cheese curds as well.

8:30 – Watch Prospect Place episode of Ghost Adventures on On Demand.
9:15 – Watch Waverly Hills episode of Ghost Adventures on On Demand.
10:00 – Watch Stanley Hotel episode of Ghost Adventures on  On Demand. Text Jill.  Find out she has been by the Stanley Hotel on an Orchestra trip. Color me with the colors of jealousy. I think they are green.  I decide to watch The Shining later that night in honor of my Ghost Adventures marathon.
10:45 – Watch Return to Bobby Mackey’s episode of Ghost Adventures on On Demand. This is an episode I’ve never seen before, but Jill spoke very highly of it.  By watching this episode I learn that Bobby Mackey’s is in Wilder, Kentucky.  I decide that if I go with Teresa to visit Ernie in Kentucky next year, Bobby Mackey’s is definitely one place we are visiting.  That list now consists of Lambert’s, Beale Street and Bobby Mackey’s.  I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m willing to believe in the possibility of ghosts. That must make me a ghost agnostic.  Episode is as good as Jill advertised. I leave the epidosde confused as to why anybody would turn a slaughterhouse into a music club.

12:00 – Mom and I pick up Vi for lunch.  Since I get to pick the restaurant, I pick Pickles Pub in Kamrar.  I’m not sure that they are open for lunch, but there pizza is so good it is worth the risk. If not, Webster City probably has a restaurant or two that serve edible food.
12:47 – We are in Kamrar. At this point I tell Mom and Vi that I’m not sure that they are open during the day. I had eaten here once with Shannon during the day, but that was a Sunday.
12:53 – They are open, but they don’t serve pizza during the day.
12:57 – Mom asks the waitress if they will serve us pizza.  The waitress says it will be a little wait, but they will turn on the pizza oven.  Big points for Pickles! We order Fried Pickles because Vi has never had Fried Pickles.
14:00 – Pizza was excellent, as always.  We leave a large tip because they turned on the pizza oven and it looks like our waitress has been crying.
14:30 – Stop at Stanhope Meat Locker.  I don’t buy anything, but Mom does.
15:15 – Home cleaning living room.  It is spotless and I can finally get under my entertainment center to hook up the switch that makes it possible for me to sign up for Netflix.
15:20 – I sign up for Netflix.
15:25 – Watch Food, Inc. on Netflix.
18:00 – Eat pastries from Czech Village bakery. They are terrible. I spit some out. I think about giving some to Foster Bunny, but decide not to be cruel.
20:00 – Pop some popcorn and open up some ice cold Pepsi Cola.  It is time for The Shining on Blu-Ray!
22:30 – I love Stanley Kubrick!

7:30 – I’m up. I rearrange my bedroom.  I theorize that this new arrangement will help me keep my bedroom cleaner.  I have lots of theories on cleaning. However, I don’t actually do much cleaning. Cleaning is more of a theoretical activity for me.
11:30 – I’m cleaning my office. The goal is to clean out the Hat Closet and make it a second Frame Closet.  I also want to be able to see the floor again.
11:47 – I get an email from Russell that he is “vetoing” my upset pick of Baylor over Kansas State because he doesn’t “feel” that it is an upset.
11:48 – I point out that Kansas State is a 6.5 point favorite and ranked.  Baylor is not ranked.
13:30 – Russell emails that it technically might be an upset, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Baylor won.
13:33 – Of course, I’m wouldn’t be surprised. That is why I made the pick.  I change my upset pick to Texas over Iowa State.
14:22 – Russell refers to the belief that Iowa State could beat Texas as a “fantasy”.  I don’t respond. I shut off my computer. I believe I won’t touch a computer again until Monday.
3:30 – I can see the floor again.  I am a cleaning god.
16:37 – Teresa calls me to tell me she is in my driveway. I tell her that she might as well come inside. We aren’t leaving until my show is over, even though the show is on Netflix and I can watch it at any time.
16:56 – We leave for Trostel’s Dish.
17:30 – I get a text from Vest at the Computer Mine. He has a question about the Microsoft eOpen website. It is good to be needed.
17:47 – We arrive at Trostel’s Dish.  I can smell Yuppie all over this place, but despite being under the weather, I give it a shot.
17:48 – This is a sharing restaurant. I wasn’t prepared for that.
17:57 – Teresa orders Arancini and a Taco Pizza. I order Beef & Shrooms and Pomme Frites.
18:30 – The Pomme Frites were kind of average, but the Arancini is incredible.  The Beef & Shrooms and Taco Pizza are also above average, but the Arancini really steals the show. If I were to come back I would just order 4 orders of it and call it a night.
18:31 – Teresa asks me if I would come back. I tell her I would, but since it is a sharing restaurant I would come with a larger group of people (like when I went to Chino Latino back in April). Teresa is somewhat offended by this statement, but I tell her that I would let her come along.
20:02 – I’m standing in Sara’s garage.  She has offered to give me a mirror that is roughly the size of a twin bed.  I’m hoping that Teresa’s Murano is the perfect vessel to convey my new prize home. I have been eying the Gorshe Forrester behind their back for about a month now, but I’m hoping I won’t need it any longer.  Teresa says she doesn’t know if she can help lift the mirror because of her bad neck. I give her a pep talk and she’s willing to give it the old college try.
20:06 – By the slimmest of margins the mirror fits in the Murano!  Oh bliss! Heaven and bliss!
20:22 – Standing in the Beaverdale Walgreen’s. I am out of acetaminophen. They are having a sale on it. Buy 1 get 1 Free.  They are completely sold out of all sizes except for the Super Jumbo bottle. I now have enough acetaminophen to ease the aches and pains of a small village.
21:03 – At the Casey’s in Madrid.  They are selling scorpions in shadow boxes as art. Did I miss something?
21:30 – Leave giant mirror in my garage because Teresa can’t carry it to basement due to bad neck. Start thinking about strong friends that will be able to help me move the mirror to the basement.

10:45 – Stop at the Computer Mine to answer a Microsoft Eopen website question.  This seems to be my expertise at work.  Some would call it job security.  I call it reason #345 why I hate Microsoft.
11:00 – On the Interstate.
12:22 – Drivers from Wisconsin are stupid.
1:17 – Drivers from Nebraska are stupid.
2:00 – Wheels down. Eagan, Minnesota. The Promised Land. Nate and I go to lunch.
2:08 – Lunching at Genghis Grill.  There are small differences between Genghis Grill and HuHot.  They are as follows: Steak is marinated, seasonings, eggs, sauce is thicker, sauce is put in a separate bowl and cooks mix rice in for you.
2:25 – Genghis Grill is a winner.
2:32 – Nate and Bethany have canceled cable. There goes Plan A for watching Iowa State-Texas game.
17:00 – Nate has left for work. I’m heading to Minneapolis to see Becca and Gelli’s new apartment.
17:07 – On 77. Becca’s directions say to take 62 East. GPS says 62 West.  Trusting Becca.
17:15 – GPS was right.
17:28 – Arrive at the new apartment.  It is nice.  Get to meet Ponyo who is cute. Becca and Gelli don’t have cable. There goes Plan B for watching Iowa State-Texas game.
18:02 – On the way to a tea house we drive by the Uptown Theater. I still long to see a movie at this theater.  Their midnight movie this weekend is The Lost Boys. I am reminded that The Lost Boys terrified Bethany when she was young. I don’t think I could talk her into going to see it.  Then my thoughts are stopped cold.  I see an advertisement that lists their next several midnight movies. In a couple of weeks they are showing The Shining. If that wasn’t such a terrible weekend for it, I would come up to Minnesota just for that. I’m still miffed about missing A Clockwork Orange at the Uptown a few months back.
18:15 – At a tea house called Tea Garden.  The baristas look like cliché hipsters, but the clientele looks decidedly normal. I wonder if the baristas secretly wish to work at a more hip tea house.
18:32 – Becca tells me that she was willing to pay 600 dollars for a ticket to see Shakira in concert in Chicago. I’m flabbergasted. I’ve seen my favorite band in concert and it cost me 38 bucks. I’d be willing to pay more, but not 562 bucks more.
18:48 – Back at the apartment awaiting Bethany’s arrival.  We are deciding between two locations. Hard Times Café and Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar.  We decide on Mac’s Industrial based on the fact that their menu includes a Fried Plate of Death.
20:37 – I am face to face with the Fried Plate of Death.  It is a good distraction because despite the fact this is a sports bar, all that is on their televisions is stupid hockey. I secretly hate this state.  Saint Cloud State is embarrassing Minnesota. 1 billion chinamen and this American could care less.  Fried Plate of Death is good, but not great.  It pales in comparison to the appetizer combo plate at The Open Flame.  Now I am longing for The Open Flame.
22:28 – Make plan with Becca to go to the Sculpture Garden at 1 PM on Saturday.
23:13 – Watching Weeds with Nate back in Eagan.

11:00 – Search in vain for a way to watch Iowa State-Texas game. Ends with me staring at Bethany’s computer watch Gamecast on
11:04 – Bethany calls from work. Suggests I go over to John’s to watch football. That would be awesome, but I already have plans with Becca to go to the Sculpture Garden.
12:28 – Halftime: Iowa State 14 Texas 3. Really wish I could watch this game.
13:00 – Arrive at Becca and Gelli’s.  I watch Iowa State-Texas game on Gamecast on my phone.
13:14 – Becca and I head for lunch at Hard Times Café.
13:26 – Becca thinks Hard Times Café is in Dinkytown. We end up in a traffic jam. Minnesota must have a football game at 2:30.  Look at all these people headed to the stadium.
13:43 – We drive past Minnesota Stadium.  All these people aren’t driving to the stadium. They are leaving the stadium! There is 5 minutes left in the game and there is maybe 10,000 people left in the stadium. I text Jesse to find out the score of the Minnesota-Penn State game. Minnesota is down by 9.  They are down by 9 and their stadium is empty.
14:11 – We find Hard Times Café. It is in a Somalian neighborhood. That is code for ghetto in Minnesotan.
14:16 – This is a true hipster place.  Vegan and vegetarian food. The baristas AND the clientele scream cliché hipster. Who am I to judge though? They probably look at me and think I look like a cliché badass and it is true, but badass is who I am. I can’t run from it.
14:18 – Hard Times Café has an interesting way to order. You write down your food order on a piece of paper and hand it to the barista. But for the drink, you can actually talk to the barista. I order an Eden Omelet and Organic Grape Juice.
14:22 – Derrick calls me. Iowa State has officially beat Texas for the first time in school history. We discuss how proud we are to be Cyclones.
14:25 – I text Russell to ask him if he believes in fantasies. I still haven’t heard from him. Andree and Jesse both text me to celebrate the victory. I had received texts from Baier earlier in the day, but surprisingly he does not text me after the game.  Perhaps he was still in shock.
14:27 – Our food is up.  It is very good. I try some of Becca’s biscuits and gravy. It is surprisingly good for not having any meat in it.
15:03 – We arrive at The Sculpture Garden.  Although they have moved some sculptures around, I don’t think there are any new sculptures from the time I visited it with Bethany a couple of years back.
15:05 – Lots of wedding parties here getting their pictures taken with a giant cherry. Little weird Minnesotans.
15:27 – The flower garden hear is amazing!
16:47 – At Jamba Juice.  This is my first lifetime visit to a Whole Foods.  I order Banana Berry Smoothie without a boost. I don’t believe in performance enhancers.
17:00 – Hug Becca goodbye.  Going to Bloomington to meet Bethany and John at John’s place to take some pictures.
17:03 – The quickest route between Minneapolis and Bloomington involves 35W South.  The police have closed this road because Obama is in town.  I appreciate the meaningful health care reform. I appreciate Wall Street reform. I appreciate removing combat troops from Iraq. I don’t appreciate this Obama!  It will be a long 8 mile drive down Nicollet, with the sunlight wasting away.
17:22 – Arrive at John’s. Bethany still isn’t ready. Sorry for the angry words Obama.
17:47 – Arrive at Century Park. It is pretty dark, but we take some good pictures.  At least I hope they are good.
20:27 – At The Park Tavern Bowling & Entertainment Center in St. Louis Park.  For years I’ve listened to Bethany praise the green chicken wings served here.  Here with John, Bethany and John’s friend Ryan.  Hostess asks us if we want a table near the karaoke or far from the karaoke.  We ask if they can just “not do karaoke”.  She responds, “I wish.  Believe me. I wish.” Her eyes glaze over as she seems to be remembering a traumatic experience from the past.  Then in an instant she is back with us.  She seats us around a corner and far from the karaoke.
20:33 – Some guys is killing Journey on stage. Not in the Brandi Carlile way, this is literally musical homicide.  Hatred for karaoke is reinforced.
20:47 – The green chicken wings arrive.  They are excellent!  They are also very spicy and very large.  They are least 4 times the size of normal chicken wings.  Also interesting is rather than celery, the “side dish” is cucumber slices.  Tasty, but I think it actually makes the burning sensation on my lips worse.
20:52 – Woman who actually belongs a stage is doing a serviceable job on Janis Joplin. As it turns out, serviceable is as good as it gets on this night.
20:55 – Nate calls and says to order for him in 15 minutes.
21:10 – We order for him.
21:14 – The guy that murdered Journey is now murdering Survivor.  Fantastic!
21:20 – Nate’s wings arrive.
21:40 – Nate arrives.
23:23 – On the way back to John’s I hear my first legendary John-Hardcore-Right-Wing-Rant.  Ryan holds his own as his Yes Man!  Some of my favorite phrases include, “Back in the 70s” and “I heard a scientist say once.”  Okay, my real favorite phrase was when Bethany says, “I’ve asked you to show me documentation of that claim before and you can’t find any!”
23:42 – Back at John’s watching Jim Gaffigan clips on YouTube.

00:47 – I hug Bethany goodbye.
1:13 – Nate is already asleep.  I read several website reports of Iowa State’s historic victory over Texas.
8:45 – This is the 4th Sunday of the year that I have missed Church.  I missed Super Bowl Sunday, the Sunday after my Birthday Barbecue and Swell Season Sunday.  Now this Sunday.  Based on the Shorty Peterson Church Credit Theory, I still have perfect attendance.  I have missed 4 services, but I also went on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  I also once stopped in on a Contemporary Service. However, that is partial credit at best.  I should really go to the Taize Worship in November. I know I’ll also go to the bonus Christmas Eve service. If they don’t cancel the midnight service this year, I might hit two services on Christmas Eve. I might end up with better than perfect attendance before the year is over.
10:02 – Nate wakes up.
10:15 – I say goodbye to Nate. No hug. Get in the car to head to Oakdale.
10:45 – I knock on the door to Jill’s apartment.  There is a small amount of time before we have to leave to make it to Hell’s Kitchen.  Our reservation is for 11:30.  Jill is watching the Travel Channel’s all day marathon of Ghost Adventures.
10:52 – I make an effort to be friends with Kitty Baby. The other encounters I’ve had with her have not gone particularly well.  This time she doesn’t hiss or run away from me. This is known as progress.
10:58 – Jill is going to see Maroon 5 in concert on Thursday. I already know this, but you probably don’t.
10:59 – Standing in the parking lot trying to decide who will drive. Jill says, “Don’t you want to ride in the Poor Man’s Porsche?” Truth is that I never miss a chance to ride in the Poor Man’s Porsche.
11:04 – Jill tells me that when she made our reservation, they told her that Hell’s Kitchen has a jazz band playing during brunch.  Considerable improvement over karaoke.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to quantify the breadth of that improvement.
11:06 – Jill asks if “How” is still my favorite song from Maroon 5’s new album.  I tell her it is, but the acoustic versions of “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and “Misery” along with the cover of Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You” are closing the gap.  She plays for me the iTunes Bonus Track “The Air That I Breathe”. She tells me she’s excited for Thursday.
11:11 – Jill tells me she’s excited for Thursday.
11:16 – Jill tells me she’s excited for Thursday.
11:20 – Jill tells me she’s excited for Thursday.
11:28 – We arrive at Hell’s Kitchen. The hostess asks us if we want a table near or far away from the jazz band.  We give the exact opposite answer that we gave the hostess from last night.
11:48 – This is a really cool restaurant.  Live jazz band. The servers are wearing pajamas. The art on the wall is cool without being contrived. There is an awesome angel statue on the stage behind the jazz trio.
11:52 – Our food arrives.  We ordered Sweet Potato Fries as an appetizer. Jill ordered Shrimp & Crab Cake with Poached Egg. I order Bison Benedict.
11:57 – I’m not a huge fan of breakfast at a restaurant, but this is phenomenal.  This definitely goes on the list of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at.
12:22 – The jazz trio announce when they will be playing Hell’s Kitchen again.  On the list of their future appearances is a night when they will be playing Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy. I wish I could be here for that.
12:28 – While paying the bill we discuss whether or not we could steal the sweet pen our server brought her to sign the check.  We do this in front of the waiter. He tells us to go ahead and steal it. He says he sometimes brings stuff to people for them to steal. We decide not to steal the pen.
13:30 – We are at the Carmike Cinema in Oakdale. The original plan was to go see “Hereafter”. That isn’t actually true. The original plan was to see “Life As We Know It”, but after Jill’s most recent trip home, I showed her the trailer for “Hereafter” and “The Fighter”.  She decided that she would rather see “Hereafter” and we made very soft plans to see “The Fighter” when it comes out. However, we didn’t make it back from Hell’s Kitchen in time, so we are back to the original plan of seeing “Life As We Know It”.
15:30 – It is a fair but predictable movie. Most romantic comedies are predictable, so I don’t hold that against it.  I can deal with predictable as long as it is well done.
16:15 – Hug Jill goodbye. Wish her luck at darts.
18:30 – Stop in Albert Lea for gas and fast food at Burger King.
20:00 – Home. Foster Bunny survived my absence, but I swear he looks lonely. A trick of the eye.
21:00 – Start of first Computer Mine basketball game of the season. 9 players here. This is promising. Played a couple games last year with 5 or less players.  Still haven’t recovered from cold completely and am feeling the aches of being in car for 3.5 hours. I decide to play as little as I can in this game.
21:15 – First extended playing time in this game. I feel like I’m going to vomit. Burger King was a big mistake.
22:00 – We kept it close for most of the game, but lose by a final score of 66-45. Although that sounds bad, this is actually very promising.
22:22 – Ha! Ha! Brett Favre loses to the Packers!

8:58 – Back at Computer Mine. Vacation officially over.

RWPE #42 – Shadows

I think that at the aggregate level, this is the best batch of submissions to date. Here are the submissions for SHADOWS:

Shannon Bardole

Christopher D. Bennett

Becky Perkovich

Carla Stensland A

Carla Stensland B

Dawn Krause

Michael Vest

Julie Johnson

Dawn’s Poetry Submission


Something lurks beneath the bright
It shies away from the light
Peripheral image that can’t be seen
What can that phantom visual mean?

Sense the dark as it closes in
Suffocates like a hidden sin
Run to a meadow open and free
Take a moment to breathe and see

The sun was shining just last week
Now the sky seems cold and bleak
Oh won’t the sun come out and play
Chase the shadows and gloom awa

I’ve walked the rocky trail that leads to the cottage that houses the Random Theme Generator. I gave it a cookie and it spit out the theme for this week:


A compelling and interesting theme. I look forward to seeing the submissions and seeing what creative ways people waft with this theme.

RWPE #41 – Dry

Here are this week’s submissions for DRY:

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Shannon Bardole

Dawn Krause

Dawn’s poetry submission:


The wind blows through the Sahara of my mind
I’m reaching out but now your love’s gone blind
It took so long to reach my heart’s turning point
Now it lies in your hands not to disappoint

My garden is ready now to grow and bloom
The weeds have died and my heart has made room
Please don’t say your love is withered and dry
Let’s tend our flowers and let our love grow high

So I’ve been to the treehouse where the Random Theme Generator or RTG as his friends call him where he spends his sabbaticals. I put a coin in the slot. Pulled the handle. RTG spit out the following excellent theme for this week:


I’m very excited for this theme. I think there should be many good exceptions. After all, everybody has a shadow.

RWPE #39 – Fast

I’m very excited to have Jason Baier as a first time contributor this week! Here are the submissions for FAST:

Dawn Krause

Jason Baier

Christopher D. Bennett

Mike Vest

Dawn’s Poetry Submission


Time seemed slow
as the years flew past
Now I struggle
to make memories last

For all I’ve fought
and little I’ve won
My heart still seeks
a golden sun

Someday soon
it will all work out
In my heart
there’s little doubt

Embracing time
as it flies by
Not taking time
to sit and cry

I welcome time
to heal our hearts
And set us off
to better starts

Quickly now
time can speed
To bring us closure
we all need

I’ve been transported through time and space to the secret location of the Random Theme Generator. It was fired up and it spit out a unique theme for this week:


Some of you may be scratching your head and are wondering how this is different from the theme of VIEWPOINT from a few weeks ago. The VIEWPOINT theme challenged you to see the world from a different perspective. The perspective of a mouse or a bird. This theme is asking you to photograph something from a camera angle that you wouldn’t normally photograph an object.

I have faith that a few of you will show the world an object from a surprising and perhaps startling perspective. I look forward to the submissions and I hope that Jason Baier finds contributing to be addictive.