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The following pictures were found in the folder 04-10-08:




























By adding these images to the Photography 139 Photo Gallery, I was able to restore the following blog entries to their original glory:


Sometimes when I come across old photos I think twice before posting them. So much time has passed this the events of this nights. Marriages have come and gone. Friendships have faded. Some friendships have ended. That can make looking at these old photos awkward to look at. But what really makes these photos awkward is there is photographic evidence of me playing a video game as an adult.

I admit, not much of an adult, but still too long in the tooth to claim adolescence. I believe this may have been the last time I played a video game. Might be the last time I ever play a video game. Time will be the final judge on that, as always.

The photos that you might consider “blurry” were taken with a Lens Baby. It is a push-pull-bend lens. Lots of fun, even though I freely confess, most people don’t appreciate the images they create.

Next Saturdays walk down memory lane will involve Good Friday and a tradition that I am happy that my church has retired.

To a Great 2017!

Pretend like I published this on January 1, just like I meant to do.

It is that day at Photography 139 Headquarters where we take down our old Photography 139 Calendar and put it in the trunk with many of the other remnants of our past.

We like to think that 2016 was a successful year for Photography 139 and I’d like to thank everybody that was responsible for making it appear so.

So to my list of email blog subscribers…

Jay Janson
Jason Baier
Shannon Bardole
Scott Degeneffe
Corey Faust
Susanna Funk
Jill Gorshe
Jesse Howard
Sara Lockner
Teresa Kahler
Nader Parsaei
Becky Perkovich
Bernice Verhoorn
Suzie Brannen
Eric Hiatt
Kim Barker
Cousin Amy
Russell Kennerly
Tim Tuck
Tim Tucker’s Lady Friend
Michelle Haupt
Geri Derner
Micky Augustin
Angie DeWaard
Mike Vest
DaeHee Yoon
Monica Henning
Sarah Karber
Carla Stensland
Laura Miller
Joseph Lynch
Jorge Rios
Anders Runestad
Laura Miller
Michael Houlihan
Dawn Krause
Joe Duff
Derrick Gorshe
Dustin Jackson
Bethany Miller
Logan Kahler
Elizabeth Nordeen
Nicole Nickens
Jeff Daniel
Stephanie Kim
Bob Person
Melissa Degeneffe
Willy MacAlpine
Janice Peterson
Jessica Potts
Steve Junck
Shawn Lockner
Brooke Milligan
Cathie Raley
Paul Golden
Linda Toot
Jodie Bennett
Dan Pottratz
Alisa Baker
Cassandra Chadwick

Thanks for a great 2016! Of course, I’ll try to do better in 2017. Hopefully our little family will continue to grow in the new year!

For Russell

I actually have been pretty lax about photographing flowers this year. That is partially because the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar will go in a new direction. Partially because I haven’t even planted flowers in my yard this year. Partially because my daffodils didn’t bloom this year. Partially because I missed my window of opportunity to go to Pella this year to photograph tulips. Regardless, my daisies were the first of my flowers to bloom this year.

So I dedicate the first flower picture of 2016 to Russell, because he hates my flower photography. He will be in mourning since flowers will start to become a bigger part of this here blog in the coming months. Probably. Sorry Russell, that is how the cookie crumbles.


ISO: 125
DATE: 05/22/2016 – 13:18
LATITUDE: 42.05511°
LONGITUDE: -93.87082°



When Olivia and I got married, who were my 5 groomsmen?

ANSWER: Jesse Howard, Anders Runestad, Jay Janson, William McAlpine, and Eric Hiatt


I’ve been a groomsman or bridesman 7 times. Name the 7 grooms/brides I’ve served:

ANSWER: Jesse Howard, Jay Janson, Anders Runestad, Scott Degeneffe, Derrick Gorshe, Sara Lockner, and Nate Miller


So the walk down memory lane now concludes. With a look at the images that were in the calendar that early this morning will be taken down from kitchen walls (most common place I’ve seen the calendar hung up), office walls, cubicle walls, and placed gently in the trash with yesterday’s coffee grounds. 2015 Photography 139 Calendar I bid you a fond adieu.

2015 Calendar Cover
Front Cover

January - 2015 Calendar

February - 2015 Calendar

March - 2015 Calendar

April - 2015 Calendar

May - 2015 Calendar

June - 2015 Calendar

July - 2015 Calendar

August - Flower Calendar

September - 2015 Calendar

October - 2015 Calendar

November - 2015 Calendar

December - 2015 Calendar

If you ever get bored and want to take this walk down memory lane again, you can visit the Calendar and Postcards Gallery in the PHOTOGRAPHY 139 GALLERY. Link below:


Since yesterday was the end of year and a holiday that many people celebrate (not me though, I don’t need the calendar gestapo telling me when to start a new year) I would like to take a quick moment to thank everybody that has continued to be an email subscriber to this here blog.

Off the top of my head and I apologize if I miss anybody:

These people are all original subscribers or at least haven’t changed their email since August 22, 2011. Which is how far back the records from off the top of my head go.

Jay Janson
Jason Baier
Shannon Bardole
Scott Degeneffe
Corey Faust
Susanna Funk
Jill Gorshe
Jesse Howard
Sara Lockner
Teresa Kahler
Nader Parsaei
Becky Perkovich
Bernice Verhoorn
Janice Peterson

Suzie Brannen – Since June 22, 2012
Eric Hiatt – Since August 20, 2012
Kim Barker – Since September 18, 2012
Amy Junck-Wallendal – December 18, 2012
Russell Kennerly – Since May 13, 2013
Tim Tucker (Not the one most of you are thinking about) – Since June 27, 2013
Michelle Haupt – Since July 12, 2013
Tim Tucker’s Woman (Sorry, never caught her name) – Since August 22, 2013
Geri Derner – Since September 30, 2013
Micky Augustin – Since October 10, 2013
Angie DeWaard – Since August 24, 2015
Mike Vest – Since September 9, 2015
Melissa Degeneffe – Since September 14, 2015
DaeHee Yoon – Since September 29, 2015
Monica Kewer – Since October 2, 2015 (Current email)
Carla Stensland – Since October 5, 2015
Joe Lynch – Since October 9, 2015
Jorge Rios – Since October 9, 2015
Anders Runestad – Since October 11, 2015
Elizabeth Nordeen – Since November 2, 2015
Laura Miller – Since November 9, 2015
Michael Houlihan – Since November 16, 2015
Dawn Krause – Since December 21, 2015
Joe Duff – Since December 21, 2015

Thanks for all the support and for making 2015 a successful year, by some sense of the word. I hope our little family here continues to grow. I’ll try and do better in 2016!

The Archives: Edition #144

Today’s images come from the following folder:

Backup/My Scans/2006-02 (Feb):

I actually considered editing these images so that they were more of a finished product, but that would run contrary to the spirit of this project. So I left them abandoned, as abandoned as the project for which they were taken originally.

Next week’s folder will be:

Backup/My Scans/2006-03 (Mar)

Post No. 1718

Now that I am officially caught back up with my blogging, I’d like to do a little bit of general house cleaning and look at some completely meaningless statistics.

First of all and most importantly, the Gallery/Store has experienced a complete redesign. It could still be classified as a work in progress, but you should go check it out anyway:

Photography 139 Gallery/Store

I’m not completely in love with the way you navigate around the store/gallery, but it looks a million times better. Any feedback is appreciated.

On these periodic check ins, I like to look at and acknowledge the people that have appeared in this blog AKA An Artist’s Notebook the most since its inception all those years ago.

Top Ten People to Appear in these Pages:

1. Jesse Howard – 224
2. Jay Janson – 199
3. Teresa Kahler – 185
4. Derrick Gorshe – 184
5. Shannon Bardole – 173
6. Jen Gorshe – 170
7. Dad – 163
8. Carla Stensland – 148
9. Mom – 147
10. Willy – 144

At these times, I also like to look at the most popular pictures in the store. I can’t claim to know 100% how these are determined, but I think it has something to do with pictures that get the “Thumbs Up”.

25 Most Popular Photos of Photography 139

25. Open Mic Night

24. Young Heroes Banquet

23. The Girl in the Blue Skirt Beta

22. Katelyn Augustin

21. Evie Gorshe – 18 Months

20. Maddux Davis – 6 Months

19. Huxley Father-Daughter Dance

18. Young Heroes Banquet

17. Barn Between Boone and Ames

16. Evie Gorshe – 18 Months

15. Me and my Mom in Colorado

14. Jeff and his Best Man

13. Alice DeWaard – 9 Months

12. Alice DeWaard – 9 Months

11. Evie Gorshe

10. 2011 Kansas City Youth Group Mission Trip Group Photo

9. Becky Perkovich – 2011

8. Maddux Davis – 6 Months

7. The Living Legend – Instagram

6. Me and Joe’s Coupe

5. Jill Gorshe – Must Be Truth

4. Frog

3. Evie Gorshe

Day 21 - Hole
2. 365 Day Project Day 21 – Hole

1. McHose Park Frog

Hopefully will check back in on these numbers around Post 1800.

Personal Photo Project of the Week #135

Shine Beta
Shine Beta

I went out with Eric a couple weeks back and took a few more full moon pictures.

The rest of the Shine Beta Series:

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Shine Beta

Next week’s Personal Photo project will involve sunflowers.

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Day 15 – Simple – Redux

Eric agreed to write the “simple equations” that come from Lorentz’s Transformations of Relativity. Eric wrote out the equations and then we wandered around Iowa State’s campus briefly before going to get some grub.

Sometime after lunch, Eric realized that he had written one of the equations incorrectly. This tortured him.

So he went into Photoshop and corrected the error and sent me this email:

Would you allow the alteration I applied to this photo? Chances are you can’t find the change quickly (or perhaps at all). There’s an integrity to undoctored photos, but there’s also an integrity of mathematical truth, which I violated and have thus remedied.

Here is the image with the equation corrected:

Day 15 - Simple Redux

I have no doubt that the initial error might have been caused by the interruption of the security guard that came up to ask us what we were doing. When we explained, he noted that “this” was the “best part of his day”.

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